Savory Summer Flavors – Time to Bring Out the Barbecue
July 28
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No matter if you grill chicken, vegetables, beef, fruit slices, pork, or more kebab skewers than you thought possible, summer means barbecue season. We love to pack up our kitchen goodies for outdoor fixings and move outside to cook when the heat gets turned up. Standing over an open grill with the sky above our heads turns cooking and meal preparation to an entirely different experience.

The Abundant Foods of Summer
July 20
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Summer bursts with excitement, freedom, activities and foods! We find ourselves filling our days with outdoor adventures and the energy level shifts from a focus on school schedules to open-ended, longer days during this season. Think back to how summer felt and tasted when you were growing up. You can sense it and taste it, can’t you?

Amazing Flower Arranging You Can Do at Home!
June 25

On a recent trip to Napa Valley wine country I had the opportunity to take a class at the Russian River Flower School with world-renowned florist Dundee Butcher. If you are ever in the area and have some free time, I would highly recommend spending a few hours here.

Work/Life Balance is for Both Moms AND Dads!
June 23
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Over the past year, Sheryl Sandberg has worked tirelessly to redefine the modern perception of the “Working Mom.” As the Facebook COO, she is not only an influential businesswoman, but also a successful mother of two, passionate about empowering women and changing the perception of the working woman.

Making Plans for the Weekend? Take a Look at a Few Weekend Ideas!
June 19

After a cold, snowy winter, we love celebrating warm weather. In my neighborhood, we see signs everywhere – from gardens blooming to yard sales to home decorating – everyone has embraced a new bright and sunny season. While we want to soak up as much sunshine as possible, it also feels nice to have the flexibility to explore outdoors – or simply spend time at home with our family. This weekend, if you need a few ideas, feel free to choose a few items from this to-do list.

Portable Makeup for Your Portable Life with Stowaway Cosmetics
July 30
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Life can feel so busy sometimes! Moms can leave the home in the morning and zip from place to place throughout the day, without the luxury of returning home to freshen up. By the time our busy days end, we look at the mirror and see that our makeup gave up on us hours earlier. Stowaway Cosmetics offers a solution for those of us who want to look our best while on the go, without having to take along a whole makeup kit with us in order to achieve it!

Cloud b – Sleep Solutions for Summer Travel
July 30
Product Reviews

For those of us in the throes of summer travel plans, we know all too well that often well-established sleep schedules can fall by the wayside when traveling with young children. The health and wellbeing of both children and adults rely on proper, routine sleep. With this in mind, Cloud b created a line of products that create a calming environment for young children at bedtime, introducing new products this year that will help your little one get a good night’s rest – no matter where you are!

Must-Pack Shoes for Summer Vacation from Lands’ End
July 29
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Whether traveling by land or by air, travel always feels so much more pleasant when I do not over-pack! Although always tempting to pack more than enough outfits and be prepared for any accessorizing occasion, I made it a goal to pack less and be smarter about the items I put in my suitcase – both to cut down on how much I tote around with me, and to save airline baggage fees and space in the trunk!