Managing the Scheduling Monster
August 31
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Kids get plugged into time slots just like parents. We enroll our children in activities and their schedules appear as rigorous as those of high-powered executives with a staff of administrators. Our kids, however, lack a staff to orchestrate their lives; they need us: the moms and families who make it all happen.

Shopping Without the Dropping
August 24
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Remember the times when a day of shopping involved hanging out with friends and casually cruising from store to store, searching for fun, usually unnecessary, items? Now, as a parent, most shopping happens with kids in tow, lists itemized so nothing gets forgotten, carried on with a feeling more chore-like than hey-this-is-fun! *sigh*

Making Time for Creative, Healthy Snacking
August 17
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Busy kids and busy families need fuel for all the activities we plug into our days. Busy, busy, busy! All the running around our kids do requires energy for movin’ and shakin’! How to best keep snack time healthy while also making sure we add variety and different tastes? With just a little creativity, a dash of time, and a sprinkle of planning, snacks can become more than just family fuel.

Creative First Day of School Traditions
August 10
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Think back to your first days of school... did you sing a certain song to mark the day? Wear a special outfit? Do something unique to celebrate the beginning of another school year? The start of school gives families so many opportunities to have fun and create traditions.

6 Tips for Back to School Success
August 03
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How did we arrive at this time of the year already? It feels like we only just welcomed in the lazy days of summer and now our calendar says school days will arrive before we know it. As we anticipate the beginning of a new school year, we know this brings about a change of routine, shopping, excited kids, (maybe reluctant kids?), and lots of prep for success. No matter how much we get things ready, the first day of school can prove to be a bit hectic and stressful, as well as exciting and fun. This big day for our families only comes once a year! Preparing makes a huge difference.

How to Win at Game Day Entertaining
September 02
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Summer may be coming to an end, but the return of weekend game day viewing parties remain one of my favorite reasons to welcome fall. Whether we’re following our college football team on Saturdays, or hosting friends for Sunday or Monday night football, getting together to root for our favorite teams proves a quintessential favorite autumn pastimes – especially when we can serve some of our favorite game day hors d’oeuvres and treats.

Nola’s Fresh Foods Salsas – Don’t Tell Mama It’s Better Than Hers!
August 31
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Creating a home or office space with an “everybody’s welcome” sort of vibe means people stop by at any time. Friends gather, smiles widen, and food gets served regularly for an endless parade of guests. We want visitors to feel welcome and well fed, and with Nola’s Fresh Foods Salsas, we don’t need to spend all our time preparing. Having delicious, homemade-like salsa available at-the-ready for snacks and meals turns any gathering into an impromptu party.

Reebok Kids Twistform Shoes at Finish Line!
August 25
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Thinking back to our school days, those first days of classes evoked a sense of excitement, and feelings of newness and fresh starts. A clean slate, a new teacher, fresh school supplies, and brand new clothes. And that back-to-school wardrobe was everything! We believed in its magic – it set the stage for our new attitude and style, and sent the message to other kids that we were back in action. These days, a trendy outfit starts from the ‘kicks’ up.