Setting Off on a Shared Adventure with Safari Tales
September 25
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Celebrating Moments at the Dinner Table with IKEA’s Together, We Eat Campaign – PLUS, IKEA GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY
September 24
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Trickling Up to a Healthy Balance
September 08
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One week, we read a study proclaiming coffee may cause us harm if we consume more than a certain amount per day. The next week can find us reading an article saying the same amount of coffee may improve our health. We need to drink {this many} glasses of water a day, then {this many} glasses changes to {this many}. {This much} wine helps; {this much} wine hurts. And this is just the liquid part of our diet! We practically need a spreadsheet to keep up.

Managing the Scheduling Monster
August 31
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Kids get plugged into time slots just like parents. We enroll our children in activities and their schedules appear as rigorous as those of high-powered executives with a staff of administrators. Our kids, however, lack a staff to orchestrate their lives; they need us: the moms and families who make it all happen.

Shopping Without the Dropping
August 24
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Remember the times when a day of shopping involved hanging out with friends and casually cruising from store to store, searching for fun, usually unnecessary, items? Now, as a parent, most shopping happens with kids in tow, lists itemized so nothing gets forgotten, carried on with a feeling more chore-like than hey-this-is-fun! *sigh*