Amazing Flower Arranging You Can Do at Home!
June 25

On a recent trip to Napa Valley wine country I had the opportunity to take a class at the Russian River Flower School with world-renowned florist Dundee Butcher. If you are ever in the area and have some free time, I would highly recommend spending a few hours here.

Work/Life Balance is for Both Moms AND Dads!
June 23
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Over the past year, Sheryl Sandberg has worked tirelessly to redefine the modern perception of the “Working Mom.” As the Facebook COO, she is not only an influential businesswoman, but also a successful mother of two, passionate about empowering women and changing the perception of the working woman.

Making Plans for the Weekend? Take a Look at a Few Weekend Ideas!
June 19

After a cold, snowy winter, we love celebrating warm weather. In my neighborhood, we see signs everywhere – from gardens blooming to yard sales to home decorating – everyone has embraced a new bright and sunny season. While we want to soak up as much sunshine as possible, it also feels nice to have the flexibility to explore outdoors – or simply spend time at home with our family. This weekend, if you need a few ideas, feel free to choose a few items from this to-do list.

What We Learned From Our Fathers
June 10

Another Father’s Day is here. All around the world, people will be reflecting on their relationships with fathers, both past and present, sharing sweet memories and photos of our dads. Now parents ourselves, we’re mindful of the wisdom our fathers imparted to us, and we’re sure to pass it on to our own kids. The team here at Influence Central share below what we learned from our own dads.

Cut the High Cost of College With These 4 Practical Tips
June 04
FeaturedLifestyleMC Daily

Given the rise in college tuition these days, just about everyone is in search of financial aid and ways to reduce the price of attendance. Tuition alone at some private colleges and universities now tops $50,000 a year, and the price to attend public colleges and universities has skyrocketed recently, thanks to declining state support.

You’ve got life ahead of you, live it!
June 02
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For both students and their parents, this proves a bittersweet time of year. Whether preparing for a small, fifth-grade graduation ceremony, if your high-schooler now faces the summer before college, or whether you’re celebrating the acquisition of that coveted college degree, spring brings not only sunshine but also a lot of reflection and the fears that come with figuring out “what’s next”? It’s graduation season!

How to Avoid Being Drowsy in the Daytime
May 26
FeaturedMC Daily

No matter the industry, no matter how exciting the company, no matter how stimulating the tasks we may have in front of us, we all hit a wall at a certain point in the workday. We’re all familiar with the feeling that hits us in the middle of the work day, when all we want to do is get back into bed and get the good night’s sleep we were unable to get the night before! Sometimes, fatigue during the workday is inevitable, but chronic daytime sleepiness can be avoided with these helpful hints on how best to stay awake on the job.

Taking the Stress Out of the Summer Camp Send-Off with Mabel’s Labels
June 29
Product Reviews

The days and weeks leading up to the annual summer camp send-off prove fraught with emotion for most parents. From endless shopping trips to the never-ending piles of clothes and toiletries to the collection of bags scattered throughout the house – from plastic to duffle to sleeping – the sheer number of packing logistics continues to be exhausting.

Timeless Luxury from Stauer
June 29
Product Reviews

As women, we know that sometimes the right accessory can make us stand out. An unusual piece can often bring the best compliments and comments, while making you feel great as well. But like anything else, finding the ideal jewelry is often difficult to do. Stauer is the leading online retailer for fine watches, jewelry and luxury items. They act as a “personal shopper” for rare and beautiful items that certainly fall under that “stand out” category.

It’s Time For Your Table Setting to Include a Set of Quality Steak Knives
June 29
Product Reviews

Over the years, our kitchens accumulate many knives. Some we use every night to prepare supper, and others sit unused, because they just don’t “cut it” (see what we did there?) And our “set” of steak knives? More like a motley crew! A mismatched arrangement of sets we inherited when we first moved out and a cheap gift we got for signing up for a store credit card, but whose blades started coming out of the handles the moment we brought them home!

Breathing Easier – With the Venta Airwasher
June 25
Product Reviews

All of my family, except my husband, suffers from allergies. We love exploring Mother Nature, but almost everything causes an allergic reaction. If we smell flowers, we start to sneeze. If we spend time outdoors, our eyes get red and itchy.