7 Apps Every Mom Needs this Summer

7 Apps Every Mom Needs this Summer

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As you gear up for summer vacation, make sure you never leave home unprepared. Your smartphone can provide more than just a communication channel, as well as an endless amount of information on the go. Whether spending time at the beach, the park, or the backyard, these cell phone apps will help you survive a fun-filled summer with the family.

EWG Sunscreen Buyer’s Guide- Sun protection ranks high on the packing list when leaving home on a hot day.  This free app offers safety and effectiveness ratings for thousands of SPF items as well as general sun safety tips.  You can search for your own sunscreen among the list of options and compare to industry standards and competitors.

Mom Maps- When you find yourself searching for a place to bring the kids, Mom Maps can help point you in the right direction. Search by zip code to locate kid-friendly places in your area including playgrounds, restaurants, museums, indoor play areas, and more.  You can even contribute your own favorites to the current list of over 28,000 places across the U.S.  The iTunes Store prices this app at $2.99.

BeachSpot- If you live near the coast, this free app could allow you to quickly find the beaches closest to you.  Browse pictures and reviews of the beach before choosing it as your destination.  When you find one you like, navigate there with the touch of a button using the Map feature.

MotionX GPS Drive- This $0.99 app has been downloaded more than any other GPS app out there.  Easy to use and navigate, you can quickly find local restaurants, parking, gas stations, and coffee shops.  The traffic data and alternate routes will also help you get to your destination on time.

Weber’s On the Grill- One of my favorite summertime activities involves grilling at home- whether a simple weeknight dinner or a full-blown weekend BBQ.  This app provides everything you need to become a backyard grill master.  From recipes and marinades to grocery lists and food timers, Weber’s will prove worth the $4.99 price.

Postcard on the Run- We first reviewed this awesome app a few months ago, but it should definitely be a must-have for the summer.  Snap a picture on your cell phone, instantly turn the photo into a postcard, and mail it to a loved one for as low as $0.99.  This allows you to capture a special moment at the beach or the pool and share it with long-distance family through a traditional print photo.  The app itself has no cost, payment is only required for mailing postcards.

iHeartRadio- Whether on the go or lounging in the sun, I always like to have music at my fingertips.  iHeartRadio allows you to listen to your favorite radio station or create your own custom stations right on your phone.  The free app contains millions of songs, beating any amount of storage on a MP3 player.

These apps will have you ready to take on the summer heat as soon as school gets out.  Let your Smartphone be your personal assistant for any variety of tasks- searching for local activities, reading safety tips, making delicious summer food, or staying in touch with family.  Visit your App Store and get started now!

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