Brookstone 4-Way Charger and more cool gadgets!

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A few weeks I attended a Brookstone BlogHer Store Event, while out in San Diego for the BlogHer 2011 Conference. We met at the Brookstone store in Horton Plaza, and had a great time learning more about their newest products. The best part was the undivided attention we got from the fun and boisterous sales staff, getting the chance to try out all the latest items from their bed, massage and bath/spa products. Who doesn’t love exploring around a Brookstone?

Here’s my feedback on some of the products demonstrated in-store, including an awesome 4-Way Charger product we received as a thank-you gift.

4-Way Charger

Brookstone’s 4-Way Charger is a convenient tool for charging up your cell phone, smartphone and iPod. If you’re anything like me, you have to tote around multiple cords and battery chargers whenever you travel. Thanks to this 4-Way Charger you can use one device to charge up everything (it works with most cell phones and smartphones). I like that it gives options for how to charge it up, whether it be from a standard wall plug, a USB port, or a car power socket. So cool – now only if I had this before packing for BlogHer!

Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Therapy System

I’m the world’s worst sleeper and need perfect conditions to help lull me to sleep (which must involve white noise from a fan). Brookstone’s Tranquil Moments Sleep Sound Therapy System lets you choose from 12 relaxing sounds, under the “Relax,” “Sleep” and “Renew” categories, so you can use this for other times of the day when you may need to have a peaceful and relaxing background. This sleep machine comes in a very compact size, so I especially would like to have this while traveling, as I find it very hard to sleep in an unfamiliar environment. Add this to the Christmas wish list!

Brookstone Anti-Snore Pillow

Although I’m not a snorer, I know plenty of people who are, and have tried countless gadgets and home remedies to help remedy this nagging condition. I love the idea of this Anti-Snore Pillow, which features a built-in support system for cradling your head and neck to help keep your chin out and your airway more open. I tested out the pillow and found it be incredibly comfortable.

i-need® Neck & Shoulder Pro Massager

Brookstone’s i-need® Neck & Shoulder Pro Massager is amazing! It allows you the freedom to raise or lower it along your neck, shoulders and back for accurate massaging benefits – and you can increase the tension of it by pulling it tighter, or vice versa. I’m very much a wimp when it comes to getting all the tight muscles in my neck and shoulders worked out and find other massage machines to hurt. But I really liked this one because I was able to control the amount of pressure. You can also add heat in front by simply pushing a button.

These are just a few of the fun items I was able to test out at the Brookstone BlogHer event. For more information, go to


Disclosure: I received an exclusive invitation to the Brookstone BlogHer event and a 4-Way Charger, to help facilitate my review.

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