Care for the Air We Breathe with Blueair & #WorldAirDay

Care for the Air We Breathe with Blueair & #WorldAirDay

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Disclosure: We received a sample of the Blueair Classic 205 in order to facilitate this review post. All opinions are our own.

Name a time of year, and I will name someone in my family with an allergy to go along with it! Whether tree pollen from March to May, grass through the summer months, and hay fever due to ragweed come fall, seasonal allergies prove nothing to sneeze at! Add dirt, dust, pets, and pollution to the mix, and you appreciate why a good air purifier saves the day in my allergy-rife household.

The allergens and irritants in your area might be totally different! Since air pollution is mostly an invisible problem, our friends at Blueair created Air View, a free digital service that shows outdoor air hazards across the globe based on specific address. By visiting the Air View website, you can see the air quality in your city or on your street in real time, and learn how certain irritants affect your health.


Committed to bringing clean air to everyone, Blueair is hoping to increase worldwide awareness of the problem by instituting #WorldAirDay to keep the threat top-of-mind.

Thanks to Blueair’s Air View website and World Air Day initiative, I know now that 9 out of 10 people in the world breathe polluted air. Yet, few people know the incredible risk air pollution poses to human health, according to the WHO.

After visiting the site to get the down-low on your neighbourhood’s air quality, be sure to sign their petition for an international awareness day to increase knowledge of the benefits of clean air for all.

We recently brought the small but mighty, wi-fi-enabled Blueair Classic 205 into our home, which has improved the air quality immensely. Ideal for small rooms, its patented HEPASilent technology operates quietly, yet efficiently, in our master bedroom, where we are no longer bothered by allergens or asthma triggers. Best part? With non-irritated air passageways, my husband actually snores less now!

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Stacy DeBroff
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