Back to school + back to business = time for a solo vacation »

Whether you’re a mom or not, back-to-school time effects everyone. Many of us feel the end of summer dread - the need to get organized and restocked and the excitement of shopping for a new seasonal wardrobe (or at least new school shoes).


New Orleans style “voluntourism” with Marriott and Mom Central »

Mom Central’s VP, Michelle Fernandez, recently experienced Marriott’s Spirit to Serve New Orleans voluntourism package in New Orleans. Read how she joined other volunteers and Habitat for Humanity to build homes for victims of the Hurricane Katrina at Marriott’s New Orleans Drum Beat at The DeBroff DeBrief.


The final part of my New York City adventure: Empire State Building, shopping and MoMA »

My desire to ascend to the top of the Empire State Building happened after watching movies like An Affair to Remember and Sleepless in Seattle dozens of times. My husband wanted to go thanks to watching King Kong. (Sigh.) No matter. We both wanted to go, even though our reasons for being there were polar opposites of each other.


The New York City adventure continues: Broadway, Statue of Liberty and a trip to Ellis Island »

Of course, we made the journey out to the Statue of Liberty during our stay in New York City. We ended up taking the tour later in the afternoon and was incorrectly told that we would be able to ride around on the boat around the statue, but not go on the island. This was incorrect.


An anniversary trip to New York City »

My New York City adventure begins. Grand Central Terminal Building For this trip, we didn't plan anything except dinner with friends for two of our nights. This left our first night in New York and all of our days wide open. We unpacked and left the hotel to head for Times Square. We figured this would be a fantastic way to spend our first night in New York. What a perfect choice.


Get charged up with the Chevy Volt »

The cars of the future are a reality today. Thanks to the innovative battery technology created by Chevrolet, their new Volt electric car is ready to change the engineering and design of cars forever. Now drivers can plug in their cars before they go to bed at night and find it ready to drive in the morning.


2011 Chevy Cruze test drive and review »

When shopping for a new car, you have to balance all of the features you want against what you can afford. If you desire important safety features, leather interior, and navigation system you may not be able to afford all of these items and have to compromise on what you purchase. Until now with the Chevy Cruze.


Seeing how the rich folks live: a tour of Hearst Castle »

Be honest, you play the What-If-I-Had-Millions-Of-Dollars Game. You dream of the house you would build, where you would live, how you would spend the millions. Some people don't just play this game, they know the reality of life with seemingly limitless amounts of money. One of these individuals was William Randolph Hearst. He inherited his fortune, created even more wealth in the newspaper industry, and built homes all over the world.

Taking the family to the Monterey Bay Aquarium »

A visit to Monterey must include a day at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. This world-renowned, best-in-the-nation aquarium is spectacular. You can spend a full day exploring the underwater world that is brought to life inside the walls of this beautiful research facility/family attraction.

A family visit to Monterey, California »

Most travelers to California come to the big cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. Some may explore Santa Barbara as well, but another city worth a visit is Monterey. Famous for its aquarium, the city is also home to historic Cannery Row and has some of the best whale watching in California.


A family vacation to the Curtain Bluff Resort in Antigua »

Mom Central CEO, Stacy DeBroff and her family recently vacationed at Antigua’s all inclusive Curtain Bluff Resort. While there they enjoyed fabulous food (including a real British “high tea”) water skiing, tennis, boating and more including a trip to their spa and to see the island.