Do you use Facebook for your blog?

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Do you use Facebook for your blog?

I’m an avid Facebook user. Some might even say that I’m a bit of a junkie. I have just over 400 friends on my personal account, but my blog’s Facebook page has just 61 “likes.”

I get it. I don’t love liking pages just because someone suggested that I do it. I don’t want to clutter up my timeline with stuff I don’t really care about so I don’t like every page I’m sent. Sure, I can hide the posts from showing up in my timeline, but then, what value does that provide for the blogger?

And I add everyone I love to my Facebook feed anyway.

Brands are different. If utilized correctly, a brand can engage me on Facebook. When Bertucci’s Facebook page offers a $5 off coupon, it’s likely I’ll take advantage of it since I’m a fan already. When the local daily deals sites post their latest and greatest, I love it. It’s a no-brainer – all my favorite sites peddling their wares in a space I’m already spending time at.

But blog posts? Notsomuch. Am I alone in this?

I wish I had more Facebook likes. Then again, I wish I had far more readers! But how can I ask people to like me if I’m not jumping at the chance to like them?

What about you? Do you have a Facebook page for your blog? Do you have many likers? How do you engage them?

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  1. CanCan says:

    I use my FB blog page basically as a way to keep up with other blogs and companies…I “like” them as my fan page and comment on their posts from that instead of my personal page. I like it b/c it keeps personal and blog stuff separate.

  2. I do have a facebook page for my blog but only have 20 likes. Not that I’m popular enough to really have more, but it would be nice to be able to actually NAME my page. If anyone ever replied to anything I posted I would definitely engage!

    I actually read quite a few blogs based on their timing in posting to Facebook. If they post when I’m on then I’m there!

  3. I am in the same boat, just not a lot of activity over there on my blog’s Facebook page. Plus I’m not really sure what to do with it anyway. I’m much more into Twitter and my actual blog. What’s a blogger to do?

  4. I have “several” facebook accounts, 2 personal and one page ha, but I’m not as fond of facebook as I am Twitter and G+ for some reason. I guess because of all of the game invites I get on facebook. If I had a penny for every game invite I get I’d be on my way to Hawaii right now. I use my facebook page to add my blog posts to. Not so much on my personal account even though I have hundreds more on there.
    I like all of the companies I’m fond of.

  5. It rather bums me that when friends asked for support by liking their pages about younameit I went and liked them, but when I published a page for my blog none of them that asked first returned the favor :/

  6. I actually have a lot more followers on my blog’s FB page than actual blog subscribers, but maybe because I’m relatively new to all of this! Before I started blogging myself, I was much more likely to read links posted to FB than to follow someone’s blog. I didn’t even know what an RSS feed was! (I now follow 20 or so blogs in my reader, which goes to an app on my phone – love it!)

    I basically just post links on my FB page and not much more. I occasionally get comments there. I will sometimes post links to other good parenting resources. I’ve tried to engage followers in dialogue by posing a question, but it hasn’t been very successful – maybe because the overall number of followers is low (50 followers).

    I increased followers by cross-posting links to my posts that might appeal to a certain large FB group. For instance, if I write something about breastfeeding I’ll cross-post to The Leaky B@@b or if I write about parenting biracial children I’ll cross-post to Mixed & Happy or Biracial Families on FB. That helped me get readers who weren’t just my friends – lol! I do that very sparingly, though, so I don’t annoy the administrators of those pages. I also added a FB widget to my blog to make it very easy for someone who stumbles across the blog to see they could follow on me FB, in case they aren’t an RSS user.

    I’m thinking of doing a give-away in a few weeks to get more followers, whether they be on FB or direct subscribers. I would love to hear others’ ideas for increasing readership and audience engagement with your blog!

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