Keeping a Beautiful Home and Kitchen with Casabella

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Mom Central received samples from the 2013 Casabella catalog to facilitate this review.

Cleaning up around the house may not be a favorite pastime, but it sure pays off. So we were excited to discover how Casabella helps us tackle household chores with ease – and style! In its 2013 product line there are several savvy products that help keep our floors, windows and dishes in great shape, as well as some time-saving gadgets for the kitchen!

The Casabella Quick Scrub Double-Sided MicroFiber Spray Mop makes easy floor touch-ups a breeze! It’s perfect for hardwood, ceramic, and linoleum flooring. The microfiber head flips for twice the coverage before washing, and its lightweight design allows for easy cleaning under furniture and hard to get to spaces.

The mop is equipped with a 14 ounce bottle for cleaning options. You can use either water or a cleaning solution. Simply pull the trigger in the handle to release a spray in your mopping path for instant spot-cleaning! The “Quick” line also includes dusters and more. One of our favorites is the Microfiber Window Washer with built-in spray handle for easy window cleaning.

Casabella 2 quart silicone mixing bowl
Casabella certainly helps us with food preparation, too. We love the 2 Quart Silicone Mixing Bowl that can withstand high temperatures and has a solid base for easy mixing. When pouring a batter into a cupcake or cake mold, you can easily squeeze the bowl to help direct your pour.

Other products we love include the Strawberry Slicer, perfect for dicing strawberries for cereal or baking! Another favorite is the Chop ‘N Prep™ Cutting Board with Prep Tray. As the name suggests, it features a prep tray that slides in an out, allowing you to push aside a vegetable once it is diced, and then slide out the tray to bring to the stove or salad bowl.

Casabella 3 n 1 Avocado Tool
We also love the 3 ‘n 1 Avocado Tool, a device that scoops, chops and mashes. For more information on Casabella and pricing on the various items, visit

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