Korus Wireless Speakers: Changing the Way We Experience Sound

Korus Wireless Speakers: Changing the Way We Experience Sound

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~ Disclosure: Mom Central received two complimentary Korus Wireless Speakers to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this review are entirely our own.

In the not-too-distant past, in order to hear the latest hit song or listen to everyone’s favorite radio station, families devoted one wall of the living room to bulky entertainment systems filled with stereos, receivers, and refrigerator-sized speakers with no hope of ever budging. If our kids wanted to hear music in a different room of the house, they could only beg us to “crank it up!”

Then, faster than you can say “MP3 Player,” the music movement turned portable, with legions of listeners of all ages in their own Private Idaho – rocking to their favorite songs, radio stations, and podcasts via ear buds.

The problem? Sound – whether in the form of the latest summer rock anthem or an engaging storytelling podcast – becomes more even more enjoyable when shared with our family and community. But in homes like mine – a contemporary style with the kitchen in one end of the house, a second-floor family room, a two-level patio, and an extended back garden – how do you ensure that sound moves seamlessly throughout?

Moreover, most multi-speaker systems prove expensive and difficult to set up, so often we settle for compact wireless speakers in one room of the house. These tiny speakers prove only a little better than headphones, where we can listen to the music we want, but can only enjoy it on our own.

That’s why I loved learning about Korus Premium Wireless Speakers that completely elevate the music-listening experience and provide an easy-to-use speaker system that finally allows us to share the music we enjoy with the people we love.

The Korus speaker system uses SKAA technology, overcoming the obstacles that other systems face in producing great sound. Yet, while the technology proves advanced, the set up feels simple. When you take the speaker out of the box, simply plug it into any outlet and take the Korus adapter and place it in an iPhone, iPad, or either a PC or Mac computer.


Korus Speaker

In addition, when you invest in more than one Korus speaker, the wireless connection between the Korus adapters and the Korus speakers can physically move the music from one room to the next – with an overall range of up to 65 feet. With the help of Korus’s free mobile app, you can control the volume of the speakers and choose which one you’ll use. Just by pressing a button on your phone, you choose the speaker in the family room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the garage, or the basement, putting music in the places you want it most.

Even better, these speakers play more than music and allow you to watch everything from movies to those viral YouTube videos – in addition to the classic songs the whole family enjoys.

But one challenge exists for families looking to upgrade their in-home sound system – the price. At nearly $350 per speaker, the Korus system becomes an investment, rather than an impulse purchase. However, when faced with the choice of less-expensive speakers, the premium wireless experience of the Korus system offers a considerable advantage – from ease of set up to range and quality of sound.

The Korus system puts mobility to the tunes we adore, and its versatility makes music in the home – and beyond – something we can share.

Korus Speaker

When the weekend seems full of endless chores – from organizing to cleaning to tackling laundry – sometimes it takes just one song to change the entire vibe. Dishes become less of a chore, and kids can dance to the pop hits they love while cleaning their rooms. And, with this system’s extensive sound range, we can become the cool parent who has the great speakers to bring to the neighborhood block party or the back-to-school barbecue.

Both the V400 and V600 Korus speaker models come in a bundle with three different adapters and two power cords, starting at $349.99. Visit Korus’s website to learn more. This system makes a perfect gift for Father’s Day or for any celebrating graduate who wants to fill summer with the sounds we all love.

Korus V600 Giveaway for Dads and Grads!

The Korus V600 proves perfect for any summer activities, but even more perfect for the dad or grad in your life! One lucky reader can enter a giveaway for a chance to win one Korus Premium Wireless V600 Speaker! To enter, leave a comment below on how you like to listen to music in your home.

Giveaway ends at midnight EST on Monday, June 16th, 2014. The winner will be selected randomly and notified by email.

You must be 18 or over to enter for a chance to win and a resident of the U.S. By entering our giveaway, you must have read and understand our giveaway rules.

The Korus V600 Speaker includes the Korus V600 and its power cord, valued at $450.

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Comments (47)

  1. Adam Belling says:

    I love to grill out in the back yard and listen to the baseball game this speaker would be perfect for that. Nothing says summer like grilling and baseball!

  2. Dave Taylor says:

    My kids are far more interesting at listening to music with small, high-fidelity speakers because they apparently can’t take showers without their music jammin’ the bathroom and entire upstairs. So the Korus would be perfect for that because then the music can be loud enough to hear IN the shower (and likely throughout the house). So yes, they’d love for this baby to show up just in time for the next Personal Hygiene Day. :-)

  3. Eric Romero says:

    These speakers look awesome! With a house that has a 7 year old and a 10 month old, we are always listening to music. In the baby room, we have nice soothing classical and other baby friendly songs. In my other sons room, we listen to soundtracks from Disney movies. In the living room, we listen to the radio through our tv and put in our nice adult cd’s like jazz and salsa. We even have speakers in the background for times when we have other people over and the kids are running around. This would be a great system to have to be more mobile with our music options!

  4. Doug Latham says:

    Whether I’m cooking in the kitchen, grilling in the backyard or working in the garage there’s always music playing. It just seems to help with the flow of my work.

  5. Chris Lewis says:

    We love using our home computer to listen to music and even have a boombox we use outside! I could use more help in the outside department!

  6. I’d love these for outdoor parties or gatherings in our kitchen (or both…because it’s portable!)!

  7. Metallman says:

    I would LOVE to have one of these! We currently listen to music on a headset/speaker that is attached to an mp3 player. It’s not very loud but it gets the job done when it’s just us. Now that I’ve moved into a new home with a sizable back yard, I would love to be able to pull this out and provide a full, rich sound to my guests. Thanks for the chance!

  8. Bnpositive says:

    I’m constantly working at my computer and usually have music playing from Pandora, Spotify or Songza. The speakers on my laptop aren’t too bad, but I’d love to be able to pump those tunes through a really quality speaker system like these! This would be awesome sitting on my desk!

  9. Rick Miller says:

    Traditional CD’s through the home entertainment system , or digital music channels on cable if in the house.

  10. Josh Wilner says:

    We usually listen on iPods or the computer.

  11. Nate says:

    We usually do family dance time using the iPad or iPhone. We are moving into a bigger house on Monday, so this speaker could really improve our family dance time :)

  12. If you follow my blog then you know that I’m a music addict and I’m always listening to music in the house whether I’m taking a shower, just relaxing or outside cooking on the grill.

  13. Kent Douglas says:

    We absolutely love having music throughout the household. My daughter seems to be stuck in her headphones, so it would be so great to make that music something the whole family can share!

  14. Rhonda Grisham says:

    There is always music playing at my house, I also love listening when we are in the pool. I have an old school radio I use for that..lol

  15. We love to get silly in the driveway with bubbles and chalk and the latest children’s music cranking for all the neighbors to hear. I haven’t had a good speaker since my boom box, but this would be a better alternative.

  16. Dan Anderson says:

    I usually listen to music while working from home, so a system like this would be fantastic. Our family usually has music playing in the house throughout the day. It is a nice alternative to having the TV on. And with our 4th of July family BBQ coming up, a wireless speaker would be put to good use.

  17. Michelle Blaya says:

    These Korus speakers look amazing! I would love to have these in the house and then take them on the go. We can use them at the pool and at the kids games that we go to! I hope I win! My husband would love this for Father’s Day!

  18. Kristine says:

    I actually have Pandora that streams through the display in my fridge! I love to listen to it while I’m cooking in the kitchen.

  19. Emma Walpole says:

    We like to have dance parties in the kitchen with our kids (ages 1 and 3) especially after dinner. We love to crank up the tunes and dance around the island. Always a great time full of giggles

  20. Andre Moore says:

    My daughter and I work on our backyard garden at least three times a week. I would use the Korus wireless speakers to introduce my daughter to jazz and classical music while offering a more serene setting as we work on our plants.

  21. Julie says:

    This would be an awesome gift for my husband! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  22. Nathan says:

    Music sets the mood in our house. Whether our children are working on home school activities or we’re in the kitchen cooking, a little background music goes a long way to help set the pace and mood of everyday activities while making them all the more enjoyable!

  23. Emma Walpole says:

    We like to have dance parties in the kitchen with our kids (ages 1 and 3) especially after dinner. We love to crank up the tunes and dance around the island. Always a great time full of giggles

  24. Dena says:

    This would make a great gift for my teenage son to put in his workout area!

  25. Carla says:

    This would make a great gift!! We love listening to music.

  26. Aimee Fauci says:

    We like to turn on the best country music and turn it up loud! We live in the country so we are lucky enough not to have to worry about noise control ;)

  27. I use my laptop mostly and sometimes an ipod hooked to our home CD player.

  28. I listen to music from my desktop computer while I’m in the kitchen creating recipes. Having this speaker system would be much less of a hassle and sound so much better. The coolest thing would be being able to listen to good music while I’m outside grilling.

  29. Puppet Dad says:

    I do most of my music listening either in my office, or blasting out from my office hoping I can hear it when in other parts of the house. Wireless systems are awesome but with a 2yo running around I spend those extra bucks on princess dresses and dolls now!

    In the garage I rock an old 80s silver panasonic “boom box” with the dual cassette player. Found in a garage sale for 5 bucks and I had my old childhood cassettes in storage.

  30. daniel says:

    I just moved into a smaller house for the next year while our own house is being remodeled. Part of this process includes not having space for all the CDs which are now in storage. I ripped them all andd they are now on my hard drive, but all I have is a pair of fist sized external (wired) speakers for my laptop. I need to get a good audio solution to allow us to hear the music in different parts of the house and this seems like it would be a very good fit.

  31. JohnZ says:

    I’d love to listen to music through my new Korus V400 speaker.

  32. Allen says:

    I like to listen to music at home through the TV, the Korus Wireless speaker would be great for those pool parties.

  33. I just recently had some work in my back yard just in time for summer. My family always enjoys the backyard and having barbecues, while sharing new memories. We will play bocce or toss the football around in our backyard. I recently have been looking for a speaker for the backyard with great sound and is portable. The The Korus V400 seems like a perfect fit for those all day barbecues in my backyard with family.

  34. Scott Grieder says:

    This would be awesome! We usually listen to our music via our TV. Thanks for the opportunity!

  35. Don Danz says:

    I listen to music as background noise and to keep the right level of stimulation while working at my computer.

  36. Becky Fry says:

    I don’t even have to turn on music…my oldest and my husband are constantly walking around with there phones on blast!

  37. LIZ says:

    Music is such an integral part of our family! we love to listen, sing, dance etc every chance we get. This speaker looks awesome and would get a lot of use – for sure!!

  38. Jennifer says:

    I like to listen to music from my smartphone/iPod or from my desktop while I work. My desktop speakers currently do not have a very high sound quality so I often have to use earphones to maximize my enjoyment of the limited sound volume.

  39. Betsy Ward says:

    Music helps me set the mood for my day. We have speakers through out the house that I turn music on to help me get through daily chores. I could use a way to listen to music in my bathroom though.

  40. Eugenie says:

    I usually listen to music on my laptop.

  41. RG says:

    on my home theater system…..crank up the volume on the speakers and sing along…this will come on handy!! ty for the chance…..

  42. Kristen says:

    I listen to music on my laptop.

  43. James Rogers says:

    I usually listen to iheart radio on my phone

  44. I like listening to YouTube or Live 365.

  45. Betty B. (@angelgenius27) says:

    We usually listen to music on an ipod dock while cooking or cleaning making it into a fun activity with the kids!

  46. Angela Cash says:

    I listen to music almost every day in my home. I have one small wireless speaker that I use to listen to my iPod or Pandora on my tablet or phone.

  47. denice p says:

    I like to listen to my music alone in my bedroom in the dark. I put it up real loud and sometimes I just play the same song over and over. Sounds weird but it’s so relaxing.

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