Live in a Smarter Home with Samsung

Live in a Smarter Home with Samsung

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Disclaimer: Mom Central received a Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit. All opinions are our own.

Imagine unlocking your front door without using a key, and walking into your home with your favorite music playing, the lights on in your living room and kitchen, and the crock pot turning on to heat up the night’s dinner. While this sounds like an experience from the future, we can actually experience this reality now, thanks to Samsung SmartThings.

We had the opportunity to experience a prototype of a Samsung SmartThings Smart Home, and were absolutely amazed by all of the options.

We recommend starting with the Home Monitoring Kit. It includes everything you need to get started, and acts as a building block for future connectivity. The Home Monitoring Kit includes:

  • A Hub to connect with sensors, lights, etc.
  • Two multipurpose sensors to monitor the opening and closing of doors, windows, and more
  • One motion sensor to track movement in the house
  • One outlet to control lights, electronics and small appliances.

After setting up the foundation for your SmartThings Home Monitoring, now only your imagination can limit where you can go with this system. Because Samsung SmartThings uses an open platform,the system can connect to other smart devices we may already have in the home like light bulbs, cameras, small appliances and more. In fact, Samsung SmartThings work with over 200 smart products on the market today!

Control proves easy using the SmartThings app, currently available for Android, iOS and Windows. Through the app, you can receive notifications and video clips through Smart Home Monitor, and customize features to ensure that the SmartThings system fits perfectly to your family’s lifestyle and needs.


After seeing some of the features available to us now, we feel even more excited about the potential for future innovations from Samsung SmartThings!

To find out more about the Samsung SmartThings Home Monitoring Kit, including where to purchase, please visit or


Photo Credit: Samsung & Getty Images

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Kelly Palmisano
Kelly Palmisano
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Kelly Palmisano

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