Cooking with Pauli Pot: Perfect Sauce Made Easy

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Mom Central received samples of Pauli Pot to facilitate this review. The views expressed here are entirely our own.

When I need to make a lot of dinner and quickly, tomato sauce never lets me down. With relatively few ingredients, I can feed the entire family and their friends on the fly. However, constant stirring and monitoring stove temperature makes tomato sauce more time-consuming than I would like. Throwing all the ingredients together, setting the stove at one temperature, and carrying on with my day would make tomato sauce the perfect meal. Thankfully, the Pauli Pot from Pauli Cookware promised me exactly this with its special patent pending bottom.

The huge 10-quart stainless steal pot looks like a standard high-end stove pot; nice round curves with elegant handles and a beautiful glass top. From the exterior, Pauli Pot looks like any other high quality pot, but the inside makes all the difference. The base of this innovative pot contains a seven-layer patent pending bottom made of stainless steel and aluminum surround a hermetically sealed oil chamber. When put on the stove, the oil heats up creating a perfect, even distribution of heat that makes it difficult to burn food.

To test the technology, I decided to try to burn a large pot of tomato sauce. To start, I caramelized some onions on high heat and tossed in three jars of tomato sauce. A little fresh garlic, tomatoes, and rosemary followed in case the sauce didn’t burn and I would HAVE to eat it. With the pot covered, the sauce cooked at medium high for two hours without any stirring. About one hour and a half later, I checked the sauce and found it boiling pretty aggressively. Much to my surprise, the bottom of the sauce remained un-burnt and not caked on to the pot as I thought it would be. Twenty more minutes on high heat and still no burning.

Paul Pot No Burn Tomato Sauce
Upon seeing the “no-burning claim” tested and proven, I took the pot off the heat to let it cool before serving. Interestingly, the sauce continued to simmer for about twenty minutes off the stove. The oil in the bottom of the pan remained hot, which kept our sauce at perfect temperature until enjoyed.

The sauce then passed our taste test with flying colors with all the ingredients nicely incorporated and evenly cooked despite the lack of stirring. It appears that the Pauli Pot may just be the solution to a perfect never-burnt and never-stirred sauce, chowder, or chili, but I guess we’ll have to test all of those too! Too bad!

To learn more about the Pauli Pot and to find great recipes, check out

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