Babies Behaving Badly with Stephanie Blum

Babies Behaving Badly with Stephanie Blum

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~Disclosure: Stephanie Blum is a client of Influence Central

Motherhood isn’t always easy, but it’s never dull. Ask any Mom to share a crazy story about one of their children and you’re sure to be entertained (and possibly horrified). Earlier this year, some our community members shared their parenting stories and, well, let’s just say things got messy… read for yourself!

“That’s when it left my mouth, that thing I never thought I would say as a parent, “Keiran, you can NOT paint with your poop!”

Quirky Inspired

“Jonathan just seemed to amass more energy  the older he became and was like a twirling Tasmanian Devil most days. He’s also the only child in history to only last two hours his first day of kindergarten before being expelled for the rest of the year.”

Life in a House Full of Testosterone –

“You know that saying, “Laugh to keep from crying”? That’s how motherhood feels most days. In fact yesterday evening, we had given our daughters their bedtime snacks. Annie dropped hers on the kitchen floor, after I had told her to watch where she was going. *sigh* Clean it up, move on. But then she tripped over her feet heading to the living room, and, boom, mess on the floor. *sigh* Pick it up, move on. She gets to the living room and wants to sit with me, and as she reaches to get in my lap, that’s right, the snack goes everywhere. At this point, it’s just funny, because, well, the universe is already laughing at me.”

Home on Deranged

You need a healthy sense of humor to survive the day-to-day rigors of motherhood. Nobody understands this better than Stephanie Blum. The school psychologist turned comedian has experienced everything in the book when it comes to motherhood. From tender-loving moments to gross, nasty, disturbing, indescribable hysterics, Stephanie has been sharing her stories through her webseries “Moms Rule” on YouTube to help Moms join together and laugh off all the craziness that happens each and every day.

This fall, Discovery Family Channel will be airing a brand-new show called Babies Behaving Badly, guest-starring Stephanie Blum. An original series from Barcroft Productions, Babies Behaving Badly will explore the “wild side” of infants and the highs and lows of parenthood through user-generated content and colorful commentary from comedians.

I don’t know about you, but my appetite for “reality” shows that are the furthest things from “real” don’t pique my interest. But show me unfiltered, real-life moments of mischief from our littlest (and cutest!) people, and I’m there, bowl of popcorn in-hand. Besides – now that my “baby years” are far behind me, I’m happy to laugh at the sometimes-frustrating, often-messy, and always-rewarding rollercoaster ride called parenting – especially when the messes happen to other parents!

If you also think Babies Behaving Badly sounds like a fun 30-minutes, set your DVRs! This new show premieres Friday, September 4th at 9:30pm Eastern/8:30pm Central, and is sure to be a hit, according to said Tom Cosgrove, general manager of Discovery Family Channel: “Prepare to guffaw and grimace as babies show us who is really in charge, blending the adorable with the aggravating, Babies Behaving Badly is a hilarious glimpse into very funny family moments, guaranteed to make the whole household laugh out loud.”

Be sure to check out Babies Behaving Badly! And, to stay up to date on all of Stephanie Blum’s happenings, subscribe to the Moms Rule YouTube channel, like Stephanie Blum on Facebook and follow @StephanieBlum and @MomsRuleShow on Twitter.

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