Back to School with Fruit Shoot

Back to School with Fruit Shoot

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Disclosure: Fruit Shoot is a client of Influence Central.

By now, we Moms know the drill: Back-to-school time means we need to gear up for all the challenges that go along with outfitting, packing up, and motivating our kids for the start of the school year.

And no matter how many times we go through it, it never proves easy – regardless of if we have one child or five.

One of the biggest – and most frequent – challenges we face centers around keeping kids fed and hydrated, both during school and while they engage in after-school activities. Sometimes kids want to explore the offerings of the school cafeteria – other times it’s way cooler to ‘brown bag’ it. Occasionally kids will love the contents of a home-packed lunch – many times they’ll roll their eyes upon opening it up. But as difficult as it can be – particularly with kids of different ages – we truly want them to enjoy their school lunches and after-school snacks.

Now Fruit Shoot’s growing availability in the U.S. market can offer a solution. Popular in the UK for more than 100 years, Robinsons Fruit Shoot offers American families a new choice in fruit juice beverages – one created with real juice from concentrate, minus artificial flavors and high-fructose corn syrup. Moms can look for Fruit Shoot flavors made with real sugar – Strawberry & Raspberry, Berry Burst, Orange & Mango, and Pink Lemonade – or select ones made with no added sugar – Apple and Wild Berry Grape.

The no-sugar-added Apple flavor serves up a beverage with an apple cider feel – which families will appreciate when the coming fall weather takes a cool, crisp turn, while Pink Lemonade fits in well with the last warm days of summer.

Moms and kids alike will find it easy to grab Fruit Shoot from the fridge and toss it into a backpack or sports bag before kids zip out the door to school each morning. Kids can enjoy a refreshing Fruit Shoot with lunch – no matter if they choose lunch from the cafeteria or from home. In addition, kids will find Fruit Shoot a treat following after-school activities – regardless of if they participate in organized lessons or leagues, or find themselves having fun in the neighborhood.

We also appreciate that Fruit Shoot feels strongly that kids need time outdoors after school – doing everything from riding scooters to playing impromptu basketball games – instead of spending hours hunched over electronics. That’s why the brand has focused on the Fruit Shoot Fun-Filled Hour of Play this back-to-school season – raising awareness among families of the importance of our kids unplugging and playing outdoors when they get home from school.

So this year while we’re out-and-about searching for back-to-school gear, we can rest assured that Fruit Shoot will help us check off a few boxes – offering new solutions to the daily lunch and snack dilemma, as well as brightening up our kids’ day – both in-school and out.

Check out for more information or click here to find Fruit Shoot at retail.

 Image credit for woman packing lunch: KatarzynaBialasiewicz/Thinkstock. Other images supplied by Fruit Shoot.

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