12 brand new parenting books- a brief review of each! »

As the single most frequent complication of childbirth, Dunnewold and Sanford understand the importance of caring for yourself emotionally in order to succeed through the postpartum period and through the new adventures of motherhood.


Why should you monetize your blog with OpenSky? »

Connecting cool stuff with cool bloggers. So here's our BIG IDEA. There are amazing things being made all over the world right now by people whose businesses are just too small to reach the radar of the big chains. People like Donald from Duluth, Minnesota who makes really delicious almond butter. But no matter how awesome your stuff is, if you can't find a place to sell it you're kind of screwed. You don't need a graduate degree in economics to figure that out.


Buying organic beef one cow (or a half or a quarter) at a time »

eating organic beef I must admit I first heard of buying a cow on TLC's Jon & Kate Plus Eight. You might not be a big fan of them, and Kate might say she's more organic than she is in reality. However, she's got some pretty good ideas when it comes to buying organic in bulk, and buying a cow is one of them.

Buying organic meat in bulk

I've been looking into buying a share of a cow locally. If I purchase a quarter of a cow I'll receive 80 to120 pounds of organic, grass-fed, hormone-free, all natural, raised-not-just-in-the-good-ole-USA-but-less-than-50-miles-away beef. The price is approximately $4 per pound for a quarter of a cow, and the price goes down from there. This is much less than whait I pay at the grocery store for name-brand “natural” beef and it's greener because it takes much less to package and deliver the meat.

ChargePod – Taming Charger Madness »

The MC Office received a ChargePod demo unit recently. I saw it sitting on a table and couldn't immediately identify it. The unit looks like a silver air hockey puck with seven holes around its edge. You plug the puck either into an AC outlet or your car (via an adapter) to power it up. You then have six "power ports" to charge any and all of your batter operated devices. The unit ships with three included "adapter tips" to connect it to an iPhone/iPod, cell phone (mini-USB) and camera (micro-USB). Also included is a coupon redeemable for a free fourth adapter of your choice via the CallPod web site.


Ron vs. Ron: iPad – Tool or Toy? »

This month, we begin a new feature at TechDad Central; Ron vs. Ron – I will be matching wits (and tech wizardry) with my friend Ron N from San Diego. A bit of background on him; he earned an Electrical Engineering degree from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard – despite these qualifications, he’s actually fun to be around with plenty of opinions. Most importantly, he’s guaranteed to take the opposite point of view of anything I say. That’s why we’ve been friends for 22 years! The picture to the right is Ron vs. Ron on the golf course - in our pre-Dad days.


Second edition of ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income just released »

Last week, Darren Rowse of Problogger.net and Chris Garrett of chrisg.com announced the release of the second edition of the book they wrote together a few years back - ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income. (They refer to it as “ProBlogger the Book,” which makes me wonder if “Problogger the Musical” is in the works.)


Wireless Headphones – Sennheiser PX210 BT »

I loved the concept of BlueTooth headphones. Unfettered by a cable, I could move freely around the house while listening to my favorite alternative 80's music (check out FirstWave on Sirius/XM !!!). My two kids get supremely irritated when Dad busts a move while listening to Depeche Mode … and being able to annoy them silently via wireless headphones seemed too good to be true.

A visit to the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter! test kitchen »

Learning about ICBINB marketing and nutrition. After the cooking demo, we went into a meeting room and saw some of the older commercials with Fabio and the new “Turn the Tub Around” commercial with Megan Mullally. (See them for yourself at the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter YouTube video channel.) The new commercial is pretty silly, but entertaining in a Glee sort of way. However, it does get across the point that there are no transfats and no hydrogenated oils with their new formulation.


How to prepare for a new baby »

I remember being pregnant with my first child. I was excited and anxious at the same time. I had never gone through childbirth before. I could barely keep my plants alive, yet alone another human being. I truly believe that you could take every class there is and read every book out there and still find things you weren't prepared for when your little one comes along.


Vivabox Review »

Luckily for gift-givers (and receivers!) everywhere, Vivabox has revamped the traditional gift card with their gift box packages. Packaged by theme, each Vivabox includes gift items to use or taste and a gift card that enables the recipient to purchase the gift item he or she found most appealing.


Is the iPad just an iFad? »

When the innovative tablet made its mainstream debut on April 3rd, lines snaked around the mall as anxious techies clamored for the their first glimpse. As a bonafide early-adopter, I remain a huge Mac advocate, and usually wait impatiently for the newest product to launch. As the days dwindled to the unveiling for the iPad in retail stores, my feelings could only be described as lukewarm. I just do not see the intrinsic value of a large-scale iPhone – without the phone capabilities! I have my laptop for internet, email, word processing and the like. I have my Kindle or actual, real-life books for reading. My iPhone or Wii handles all my gaming desires. Never once have I thought, “Man I wish all these things could be in the same place! There must be a more efficient way!”