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After a brief hiatus, which included sending my eldest off to college at Emory University, TechDad Central is back with a host of product reviews.

Zagg-nut »

I've become power-obsessed. No, I'm not considering the overthrow of a small nation (TechDadCentralia ?!?) but rather I spend way too much time worrying about how much battery power I have left on my various hand-held devices. Growing up in the 70's, some of my fondest memories were spending time with my Great Aunt & Uncle who lived in the small mining town of California, PA -- about 30 miles due south of Pittsburgh. My Uncle Frank was the proud owner of a Lincoln Continental Mark IV and I always found it fascinating that whenever the car's gas gauge dropped below three-quarters, my uncle went on a quest to find the nearest service station in order to "top off the tank". His unwavering devotion to a full tank always made me laugh.


ChargePod – Taming Charger Madness »

The MC Office received a ChargePod demo unit recently. I saw it sitting on a table and couldn't immediately identify it. The unit looks like a silver air hockey puck with seven holes around its edge. You plug the puck either into an AC outlet or your car (via an adapter) to power it up. You then have six "power ports" to charge any and all of your batter operated devices. The unit ships with three included "adapter tips" to connect it to an iPhone/iPod, cell phone (mini-USB) and camera (micro-USB). Also included is a coupon redeemable for a free fourth adapter of your choice via the CallPod web site.


Ron vs. Ron: iPad – Tool or Toy? »

This month, we begin a new feature at TechDad Central; Ron vs. Ron – I will be matching wits (and tech wizardry) with my friend Ron N from San Diego. A bit of background on him; he earned an Electrical Engineering degree from Stanford and an MBA from Harvard – despite these qualifications, he’s actually fun to be around with plenty of opinions. Most importantly, he’s guaranteed to take the opposite point of view of anything I say. That’s why we’ve been friends for 22 years! The picture to the right is Ron vs. Ron on the golf course - in our pre-Dad days.


Wireless Headphones – Sennheiser PX210 BT »

I loved the concept of BlueTooth headphones. Unfettered by a cable, I could move freely around the house while listening to my favorite alternative 80's music (check out FirstWave on Sirius/XM !!!). My two kids get supremely irritated when Dad busts a move while listening to Depeche Mode … and being able to annoy them silently via wireless headphones seemed too good to be true.

At CES – The product that surprised me most! »

At huge trade shows, such as CES, every once in a while you stumble across a hidden gem of a product at an inconspicuous location. I was heading to the escalators at the Las Vegas Convention Center when I stumbled across what looked to be a small living room tucked underneath the "down" escalators.


At CES – Top TV Trends »

3D TV was everywhere at CES but there were a number of other TV technology changes worth noting. Although much more subtle, they are poised to have some significant impact ... and they are all related as you will see via the progression below:


At CES – More Stuff I Want! »

The biggest trend at the recent Consumer Electronics Show was 3D TV. It was everywhere and the success of the movie Avatar in 3D put the technology in the forefront. So I wandered the show trying to learn about 3D TV technology. Most vendors had 3D televisions that required glasses (just like in the movies) for viewing. A few, such as RCA, are introducing 3D TVs for the naked eye. Their demo, however, didn't look that great and gave me a headache.


At CES – Stuff I Want! »

TechDadCentral was at CES over the weekend and saw many items in the, "I want this!" category. Over the next few days, I'll post about the stuff that I want.