Creative Home Storage Solutions from FHE

Creative Home Storage Solutions from FHE

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Disclosure: We received product to facilitate our post. All opinions are our own.

Living in a condo, I often find myself on the hunt for storage solutions to help me stay organized, as well as functional pieces I can use when entertaining guests.

FHE Solutions (which stands for “fresh home elements”) surprised me with the functionality and quality offered by their unique and stylish pieces. With products that transform spaces into more functional areas, homes feel less cluttered.

The Folding Chair Ottoman really impressed me. Available in several colors and finishes, we love that this product proves so easy to store when not in use, collapsing down to virtually the size of the ottoman cover. From trendy apple green suede to classic black, there’s something for every taste.

When used as an ottoman, it offers one cubic square inch of storage space – ideal for some of the items I would love to easily stash away to keep out of site, but have easy access to (dog toys, holiday decorations, slippers, board games, and more!).

The cushion is quite comfortable when using the ottoman as a seat, and best of all, it even has a fold up backrest, offering support when you want to use these as extra seating options when you have guests visit.

I keep one stored neatly in my living room, with the other collapsed and folded and in the closet for when we need to entertain.

It’s very easy to transform the product from flat to ottoman to chair. Unstrap the Velcro piece that holds the foldable base, along with the flat panel that you use inside the fold-up base that gives it its shape. Then simply place the cover on top of the base to use as an ottoman. Fold up the cover to open up the chair back.

FHE’s folding chair and ottoman came at the perfect time, as I needed spare furniture we could use when entertaining guests at the holidays – and I realized I’d be short on chairs. These products prove perfect for such a situation, as we simply don’t have the space to store full-sized extra furniture at our place. Guests who sat on the products actually commented on how comfortable they were – loving the cushioned padding and support that the fold-up back offered.

To shop for the folding chair ottoman and other creative products from FHE, visit the brand’s website.

Featured image photo credit: Rawpixel Ltd/Thinkstock 

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Lorianne Lacey
Lorianne Lacey
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