Dyson 360 Eye: Next-Level Robot Vacuuming

Dyson 360 Eye: Next-Level Robot Vacuuming

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Disclosure: We were offered a limited time, free trial for demonstration purposes. All opinions are our own.

Using our Dyson Animal vacuum is the only way I feel in control of keeping our rugs and hardwood floors looking clean. Our family dog’s short, white fur seems to shed at an exponential rate!

While our Dyson proves simple to use and outperforms all our past vacuums, the upkeep between the times I vacuum remains a challenge. Since our pup Rayna doesn’t wait to start shedding, I go crazy when the western-facing sunlight we get at the end of the day illuminates the hairs on my hardwood floors.

Knowing the only way to eliminate the problem would be to run a vacuum daily, we invested in a robotic one. Disappointingly, we didn’t use it as much as we had hoped, for two reasons: First, the suction power was nowhere close to our Dyson, leaving hair and debris behind. Second, running it overnight or while we were at home during the day proved near impossible due to the volume of the motor. Just too loud!

When I learned about the launch of the Dyson 360 eye, Dyson’s first robot vacuum, and one that boasts twice the suction power as any other robot vacuum, I swooned. Like other Dyson vacuums, the radial root cyclone technology captures microscopic dirt and dust particles, providing a really thorough clean.I brought the demo home to test, then downloaded the Dyson Link mobile app and connected the Dyson 360 eye to our home Wi-Fi network. Then I scheduled a cleaning frequency. The app allows users to see a map of where the vacuum has cleaned while in use, using historical data on previous cleanings.

This Dyson packs a powerful punch. It did a phenomenal job picking up pet hair, dust and debris from both our hardwood floors and carpet. The best part? Using the app, I could select either Max or Quiet mode (which proved ideal when I was home working, because it wasn’t at all distracting and noisy), and both work great in the suction department.

I would advise to change the debris canister while leaving the Dyson 360 eye on the floor, since the first time I attempted it, the canister came out so easily that I dropped the vacuum! I was relieved I didn’t break or damage anything.

The Dyson 360 eye’s intuitive, 360-degree camera sits atop the unit, allowing it to see its surroundings both for navigational purposes and to spot debris it needs to pick up. It didn’t crash into furniture or walls like other robot vacuums I had tried.

When leaving the vacuum to clean while we were out, we made certain the vacuum had enough light to navigate, otherwise it may not have been able to detect the particles.

It travels along the floor via tank tracks, engineered for all floor types. It easy can lift itself onto carpets or navigate into slightly raised flooring, which it illustrated by adeptly navigating the bathroom threshold and the base of our fireplace. It is also the only robot vacuum with a full-width brush bar. Its configuration of carbon fiber filaments and nylon bristle strips removes fine dust from hard floors and ground-in dirt from carpets.

The Dyson 360 eye easily and effectively cleaned my one-bedroom condo well-within its impressive continuous run time of 75 minutes. In a larger space, one might set it up to clean, stop to charge as needed, and then complete the job.

Known for its outstanding engineering, Dyson does not disappoint with its 360 eye robotic vacuum. For more information on the Dyson 360 eye, visit the brand’s website.

Featured image photo credit: DGLimages/Thinkstock

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Lorianne Lacey
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