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Typically, I stride into yoga class looking horribly under-dressed. Most participants get decked out in matching yoga pants and tops and look fantastic to participate in this popular class at the gym. I’m lucky if I show up wearing matching socks. I consider myself a runner who likes to do yoga, so I own a large supply of running tights and sports bras, but am sorely lacking in the yoga wear department. I usually wear running attire with a baggy t-shirt on top to yoga class. I am not the typical, taut yoga enthusiast like many who regularly attend these sessions.
All of this changed the day I wore the New Balance Aneka Yoga Wear to class. I sported the black Twisted Racerback Bra Top and matching Flare Capri Yoga Pants and I fit right in! I wasn’t the out-of-place runner in a room full of stretched-tight fabrics. I bent and posed along with everyone else and I looked like everyone else, too.
Of course you get out of a class what you put into it, and what I wore wasn’t going to instantly turn me into a yoga master. However, when I performed certain twists and poses, my shirt didn’t bunch around my waist or ride up and flop me in the face as it usually would. Sure, my stomach showed a bit when I moved, but so was everyone else’s. I liked what I saw in the mirror and it felt good during the class.
The Aneka yoga wear even felt good after class. Usually, my clothes are stained with sweat from the strenuous workout. I worked just as hard, but thanks to the “moisture management fabric”, my clothing didn’t show the signs of my efforts. I didn’t feel like I had to rush to the showers due to my sweat sticking to me and my clothing. This was a welcome change!
When I first saw the twist of the fabric in the top, I thought it might feel strange or pull in an unattractive way. I put the top on and didn’t notice any difference except that the twist in the back added a bit of unexpected style. I especially like the flattering tight, supportive top, with the slightly flared, non-fitting bottom of the shirt. The clothing is so comfortable I might just sport it when I’m not on my way to class. Who needs to know, right?
As I mentioned earlier in the post, I’m a runner, so putting on the soft, comfortable yoga clothes was a new experience for me. Putting on the New Balance 1400 Race Day Road Flat running shoes, I didn’t expect to be as wowed as I was with the clothing. I’d worn New Balance since my cross-country team days in high school. I know running shoes.
I was wrong.
These were not like the running shoes of my youth, or even like the ones I’m running in currently. These running shoes were so light I almost threw them over my shoulder as I took them out of the box! Of course I’d seen shoes like this in stores, but hadn’t ever tried them on. I figured I’d run in a certain style all these years, why would I need to switch now? Also, I have a bad knee (all the way back from elementary school) and knew the kind of support I needed.
I didn’t want to risk buying a type of shoe that might not work for me, and even possibly risk injury for myself.
I took the New Balance shoes out for a short run to try them out. I know my knee well enough to know when a shoe is giving me trouble. I felt like I was running in my bedroom slippers, these shoes were so light! I kept my run short that first day, but wanted to run more.
My knee didn’t show any signs of problems the next day so I went on a longer run and the shoes felt fantastic. Where have these “lightweights” been all my life?!? I’m committed to a half-marathon coming up in April. I know these shoes will make a difference in my fatigue level. Any difference in weight makes a difference over thirteen miles! These shoes will be perfect for race day and the distance training I’ll put myself through in the coming months.
If you are looking to recharge your New Year’s vows to getting fit, or are just looking for a new way to feel the love of a good workout, these New Balance Aneka yoga clothes and 1400 Lightweight running shoes are just what you want.


To help keep you motivated as you work towards your fitness goals , Mom Central is giving away a prize package of a pair of New Balance 1400 running shoes and a New Balance Aneka Yoga Bra Top and Aneka Yoga Pant to one lucky Mom Central reader. Enter to win at our Facebook page!

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When Eileen Calandro isn’t looking for time to squeeze in a run or yoga class, she is the Chief Mom Connector of Mom Central. You can read about other things that keep her active on her personal blog at and connect with her on twitter at @MomCentralChat and @calandro5.

Disclosure: Mom Central received a sample of the New Balance products to facilitate this review.

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