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We have five members in our family, so using a paper napkin for every meal throughout the day uses a lot of napkins. I tried using cloth napkins in the past, but never liked the designs and wouldn’t commit to using them every day. My fear of napkin commitment changed when I found Picking Daisies.

Picking Daisies napkins

Picking Daisies napkins

Picking Daisies makes 100% cotton, home-made fabric napkins and bags. The company, located in San Luis Obispo, California, first sold  their items at craft fairs and farmer’s markets. As their wares became more popular, the three sisters who own the company established a storefront to showcase their talents as well as a website: Their napkins were featured on Sunset Magazine’s blog in October 2009 and local publications.

The fabric choices for their napkins are beautiful and just my style. I chose five different, but similar, fabrics, one pattern for each family member. We always use our own pattern every night, so I don’t have to worry about wiping my mouth with a napkin that was used by someone else.

They wash so well, I pull them out of the dryer, fold them, and they are ready to use. I never iron them, which works well, because I try really hard to never iron anything. This makes it very easy to go green.

Picking Daisies market bags

The talented ladies of Picking Daisies know green living doesn’t end at the dinner table. As plastic bag use has proven to be less desirable for more consumers, Picking Daisies also sews market bags. Now grocery shopping or getting your vegetables at your local farmer’s market can be fashionable and colorful with a Picking Daisies reusable, reversible bags. The bags wash as easily as the napkins, and are sturdy enough to hold all the fruits and vegetables you buy from your local farmers.

Picking Daisies cloth napkin giveaway

To help one of our Mom Central readers go green, the ladies of Picking Daisies are generously giving away one Cloth Napkin 4-Pack as well as one Reversible Cloth Bag in market bag size in the fabric style of your choice.

  • To enter leave a comment below letting us know your favorite napkin and bag patterns.
  • Contest ends Thursday, June 3 at 11:59pm EST. 
  • The winner will be chosen at random and notified by email.

Contest closed – congrats to our winner Debbie KL of Our Side of the Mountain. Thanks to everyone who entered! 

When Eileen Calandro isn’t playing taxi van to her three boys, she is Mom Central’s Chief Mom Connector on our Mom Central Spark community. Read more about her adventures on her personal blog,


Disclosure:  Picking Daisies supplied the giveaway items to Mom Central. Eileen is a customer of Picking Daisies and has purchased her own napkins and bags. All opinions are entirely hers.

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Comments (54)

  1. lola malnoe says:

    <3 the guinea napkin pack and reversible bag pattern Item#PDBAGLK. what a fantastic contest! we are already using cloth napkins, but they aren’t nearly this cute!!!

  2. Rebecca Drake says:

    My favorite napkins are Targets – brown. My favorite market bag is the one on page two that is turquoise solid and turquoise flowers.

  3. Tina C. says:

    I’m quite fond of the burlesque, Good Folks Sea, and the lantern pods -turquoise patterns.. I like the market bag that is second down on the left… turquoise and olive… I love cloth napkins!

  4. Anna S. says:

    I like the Cloth Napkin 4-Pack Cobalt Set and the market bag that is the 3rd one down and 2nd one over.

  5. Valerie says:

    I like the Cloth Dinner Napkin Bekah-Green and the 2nd market bag from the top.

  6. My favorites are the Kirman Set Cloth Napkin 4-Pack and PDBAGLK Reversible Cloth Bag
    Market Bag Size :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  7. amy russell says:

    Any of the turquose prints would be lovely, they are gorgeous, anything that color, is great with me!

  8. Amanda A says:

    I love the Guinea napkins and the black floral market bag with reversible stripes (PDBAGLB)!

  9. Liz says:

    I love the Cobalt Set of napkins and the PDBAGLC bag.

  10. Tracy P says:

    I like the Cobalt napkin Set and bag #PDBAGLI

  11. Tina says:

    The Babushka Napkin set and the beautiful aqua green Market Bag. Than you

  12. Maggie M. says:

    Wow, so many choices! I love the Cloth Dinner Napkins in Zinnia-Aqua and the market bag Item #PDBAGLI- thanks!
    Maggie M.

  13. Valerie says:

    Pretty napkins and bags! My favorite is the Brighton napkin set and the Market bag/PDBAGLH.

  14. Sara Smith says:

    I love the Burlesque napkin set and bag Item#PDBAGLP

  15. madhavi says:

    Very nice napkins, I live the Cobatt one. Thanks

  16. Carol says:

    Love the Cobalt!

  17. Marcie says:

    Love the cobalt napkins and market bag PDBAGLH

  18. Jen says:

    For the bag I love Item#PDBAGLB and for the napkins I like the Cobalt set. So cute!

  19. Bing says:

    My favorite napkins pattern is Plink, bag pattern is PDBAGLB.

  20. Carey says:

    The guinea napkins and the bag with the number PDBAGLI. Love the colors!

  21. Jennifer M says:

    I like the Brighton Set napkins and the market bag that is striped on one side, black and white bird/floral pattern on the other.

  22. Stacy Swann says:

    I absolutely love the Babushka napkins. They match my kitchen and the name is AWESOME. The market bag that covet most is Item#PDBAGLH. Thanks!

  23. julie z says:

    really like the woodcut garden print, but it is hard to pick just one.

  24. lynn says:

    i love the cloth napkins in the zinnia collection and all the bags are so cute i couldn’t decide

  25. Pauletta Horn says:

    I love the Cloth Dinner Napkin
    Guinea Flower-and the market size bag Item#PDBAGLA

  26. Kristi Gengler says:

    I like the Lotus napkin set and the bag item (Item#PDBAGSGJ)

  27. Gloria says:

    I love the Plink napkin set and the market bag item #PDBAGLH.

  28. Jessica Buchanan says:

    I love the Guinea 4pk it’s beautiful! Plus I would like my family to switch to cloth napkins. The bag style I like is (Item#PDBAGLB)

  29. Allie Thornton says:

    my favorite napkins are Cloth Napkin 4-Pack
    Cobalt Set, my favorite bag is Item#PDBAGLP

  30. MamaK says:

    I love the Cogs-Green napkin and the Item#PDBAGLG bag. But it’s a hard choice! :)

  31. Ann W. says:

    I like the Babushka Set napkins and the Guinea pattern bag.

  32. Cindi says:

    What lovely napkins and bags! The pattern I adore in the napkins is “Guinea Flower-Green” and
    the “Zinnia-Magenta” The bag colors I like are “Lotus Leaf Red/Guinea Flower-Yellow!”
    Many thanks, Cindi

  33. Christina E says:

    I really like the guinea pattern napkins and Item#PDBAGLC for the bag.
    This is an awesome giveaway!

  34. Dee S says:

    I love the babuskha napkins and Item# PDBAGLH market bag.

  35. Sharon Owens says:

    I love all of the colors. Especially the pattern that is Pink, bag pattern is PDBAGLB.

  36. DebbieKL says:

    Very nice! I like the Cloth Napkin 4-Pack Guinea Set and the green/blue market bag (Item#PDBAGLI). Thanks!

  37. Amanda Kelsey says:

    I love the cobalt napkins and the Item#PDBAGLG bag

  38. Ann Jaques says:

    I love the napkin pattern Tonal Doozie-Nite. Love the bag with the pink/red/orange poppies! Wonderful items!

  39. d fecher says:

    i love the poppy bouquet pattern. very pretty!

  40. Denise Seegobin says:

    I think these are great

  41. Ana Real-Blanco says:

    I like the Garden Maze-Green napkins. Very pretty and matches my kitchen.

  42. Heather says:

    I love the tonel Doozie Black napkins and reversable bag Item#PDBAGLB. I am new to the “green” way of things. These would really give me a stylish way to jump in with both feet!

  43. Maggie Smith says:

    I love the Lotus Leaf in Red!! OMH is it HOT!

  44. i love the Cloth Napkin 4-Pack Cobalt Set and the (Item#PDBAGLG) cobalt blue bag that matches the napkin set. thanks clallen at ntin dot net

  45. Mimi says:

    These are so cute! I’d love to win.

  46. Ruth Hill says:

    I love the chocolate chip pattern. The bags–I couldn’t decide.

  47. I love the Burlesque Set napkin pattern. My favorite bag pattern is the very last one on the page…the black and white paisley type print with the striped reversible fabric. Just sweet!

  48. Sara Wutzke says:

    Aye, only one! I love the Zinnia, Kirman and Brighton Napkins and For the market bag PDBAGLC. These are great! I’ve recently stopped using paper towels, and we have been using the two sets of cloth napkins we got for our wedding (7 years ago) so I’d love to add some more into the mix!

  49. Julie says:

    So hard to choose; I *love* them all. But I think I like best the Brighton napkins and the bag that is the first one in the 2nd row.

  50. Kristen Paskus says:

    My Fav is Paperweight Gypsy..Very Pretty!

  51. felecia digsby says:

    My favorite bag is the Item#PDBAGLK and fav napkins are the guinea set.

  52. victoria lester says:

    Colbalt Napkins and (Item#PDBAGLB)Bag.

  53. Kim Fritz says:

    Love the Ginea napkin package and really all the tote bags are awesome! It was fun to explore the site. Thanks!

  54. Annie H says:

    I really like the zinnia napkin print and the blue and green market bag (Item#PDBAGLI). Cute!

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