Holiday List Must-Haves from Samsung

Holiday List Must-Haves from Samsung

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Disclosure: We received demo products to test to facilitate our post. All opinions are our own.

As a longtime fan of Samsung products, I feel certain the truly revolutionary products they launched this year will change the way we capture experiences moving forward.

The compact, spherical Samsung Gear 360 takes incredible photos and videos through a dual lens, offering mind-blowing, 360-degree results. Capturing the most precise details in high resolution, we loved capturing holiday lights and scenic cityscapes during a fun family walk around town. Deciding what to shoot is something the whole family can engage in.


Compatible with a Samsung Galaxy S6 or newer phone, it proved effortless to download the Gear 360 app to control the camera. After propping the camera on its tripod, I controlled the shooting from my phone, ensuring my thumbs would not make an appearance!

I simply selected whether I wanted photo or video, 360-degree or 180. Afterward, I viewed and saved the files to my phone, allowing me to easily share via e-mail and to social media. I loved being able to be in the video, rather than behind a phone.


Take the small, lightweight Gear 360 with you anywhere, to have on hand while traveling to capture beautiful scenery, or fun times with friends and family. I only wish I had this camera with me when I visited the Colosseum earlier this year! It will definitely make an appearance at upcoming birthday parties, holiday dinners, weddings, and other family functions. I’ll never miss another moment!

The ultimate partner to the Gear 360, the Samsung Gear VR allows the wearer to watch videos and view photos in a way like no other! Scroll through content from some of your favorite creators for immersive 360-degree experiences, ranging from everything from Discovery Channel’s videos that take you up close and personal to wildlife, to sitting in the audience at a Broadway theater as the cast of Disney’s The Lion King sings “Circle of Life” around you.

The fun doesn’t stop at programming – play favorite games on it for an immersive experience. We felt like we were right there with the passengers as we watched a VR video of a Six Flags rollercoaster, and took a tour of England via travel documentary. Watching sports games and matches on the VR proves a viewing experience like no other for the ultimate fan. The Olympics even featured VR content this summer!

The innovative Samsung Gear VR, powered by Oculus, will bring the wow! factor to your holidays, especially when used with photos and videos taken with the Gear 360. It’s such an amazing experience to view your 360-degree experiences – either great times with friends or family – or beautiful scenography you shot – through the lens of this product!

The Samsung Gear VR feels comfortable to wear, with padded foam cushioning and weighing in at just over 300 grams.

Both devices are compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones S6 and higher. To learn more about these products, visit

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Lorianne Lacey
Lorianne Lacey
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