Staying in Control of your Kitchen with Dexas

Staying in Control of your Kitchen with Dexas

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Mom Central received the Dexas products highlighted in this post to facilitate this review.

Here at Mom Central, we love products that help us in the kitchen – and recently discovered several helpful products from Dexas that help us prep, serve and stay in control of our portions and servings.

The Collapsible KlipScoop from Dexas functions both as a bag clamp and a measuring cup to allow for easy portion management of various bulk items. The KlipScoop is available in ½ cup, 1 cup and 2 cup sizes. These products clip directly on to the bags and easily collapse for ease of storage. When looking to measure out the food, simply pop out the container and pour right into the scoop. We found these scoops particularly helpful for storing (and serving) products such as flour, cereal and pasta bags.

Another handy product we love is the Spoon & Strain serving tongs. These tongs are easy to grip (grasp right at the rubberized portion of the handles), and have both a slotted side for draining hot liquids as well as a solid “spoon” side.  The spoon side functions as a 2 TBSP reservoir, so it simultaneously acts as a portion guide while plating and dressing salads and pastas.

Dexas citrus knife
One of our favorite products in the line is the Dexas citrus knife. This knife (which comes in several citrus designs – lime, orange, and lemon) has a sturdy rubber grip and is designed to easily slice and dice your favorite citrus fruits. The blade is made of a quality high-carbon, stainless steel. It also makes for a stylish addition to a bar/prep area for slicing lemon wedges or lime garnish.

Dexas has also created some helpful silicone products for the kitchen, allowing for ease of use and flexibility. We loved the silicone ice trays (available in XL and Large sizes). These trays store compactly in the freezer and are easy to twist and pop the ice out with minimal effort. The XL cubes are fantastic for chilling dips and other appetizer items, or cooling off a pitcher of cold lemonade or iced tea. The large cubes also dissolve much less quickly than those from my traditional ice cube trays, and I’ve been using them to make iced coffee on hot summer mornings!Dexus Silicone oven mitt

We also love the silicone oven mitts. These mitts allow great flexibility when gripping trays or pans coming out of the oven and have a nice built-in grip due to the friction of the design.

For more information or to order products online, visit Dexas has been a family owned and operated business for the past 44 years!

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    I cook every day and would love to try your products!

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