Product Review and Giveaway: BOB stroller accessories

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My mother-in-law, who recently stayed with us for two weeks, puts it best:  “Using  this stroller is like pushing a hot knife through butter.”

We love our BOB.

Charlie and I enjoyed test-driving strollers and ended up with the BOB Revolution for a few reasons:

  • It’s super easy to push (see “butter/knife” comment above).
  • The stroller handles bumps (tree roots) and snow/ice very well.
  • It’s good for tall people!
  • For a large stroller, it folds fairly compactly (fits in my VW Passat trunk with loads of room to spare).
  • The big tires make it easier to drag up stairs.
  • If you use the Infant Car Seat Adapter (sold separately), the stroller is good for infants through big kids (up to 70 pounds I believe).
  • The front wheel rotates completely, making it easy to steer in grocery stores and other places with narrow aisles.
  • We like how it looks.  We chose the navy/gray combo and are very happy with it.
  • And last but certainly not least, we received multiple positive recommendations from friends.

What is not-so-perfect about the BOB?

  • I wish the under-stroller storage was a bit bigger.  I take Charlotte out on a lot of errands and typically end up with multiple bags. To get around this, I usually hook my diaper bag to the handles.
  • It’s a little heavy.  This issue doesn’t bother my husband at all, but at the end of a long day when I’ve been schlepping lots of stuff around, I’ve been known to let out a groan when I have to put it in my trunk.

The folks at BOB asked me to review two of their stroller accessories, which are sold separately.

Weathershield First up, the Weather Shield (photo at left).  It’s been a soggy winter up here in Boston – more rain the snow.  TheShield is easy to put on and definitely kept Charlotte dry.  The clearfront is key as she really likes to look around at the outside world atthis point.

I also tried out the Handle Bar Console (photo below).  Rarely do I go out for a walk without a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee and a bottle of water.   I love that the Handlebar console has room for two beverages.  There is also a handy zipper pocket in the middle (for keys, tissues, your phone etc.)

Handlebar Console Giveaway

Bar2 Mom Central will be giving away one BOB Handle Bar Console.  Here is how to win:

  1. Please comment below on this post (make sure to to leave your email address).  Only one comment per email address.
  2. Bonus entry if you Tweet about the contest.  (Make sure to leave a comment with a link to your Tweet.)
  3. Bonus entry if you link to this post from your blog or website. (Again, make sure to leave a link to your post.)

Contest ends Tuesday, March 16.  Good luck!

MomCentral received one sample Handle Bar Console and one sample Weather Shield before writing this review.


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