Staying One Step Ahead of Colds & Flu this School Year

Staying One Step Ahead of Colds & Flu this School Year

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by our friends at Chloraseptic. All opinions expressed by me about the brand are true, and my own.

Back-to-school season means “back to germs” to me. With one daughter in university and another in middle school, our household is no stranger to colds and flu, which were almost exponential when the kids were younger and their immune systems not yet mature.

When my kids were bringing home cold after cold from school, with symptoms like dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, and fevers – I started sending teachers “healthy classroom” gifts of hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and tissue boxes in an effort to stay one step ahead of germs.

My girls kept hand sanitizer bottles hanging from their school and gym bags and were urged to employ it regularly. They learned early on to sneeze/cough into the crook of their elbows, to avoid the transfer of viruses, bacteria, and germs via their hands.

At our house, when the girls get sick, they get to sleep with Mummy. Despite my aversion to germs, my primary role is caretaker, and I want my kids to feel spoiled and loved and completely taken-care-of when they are under the weather. We do a movie marathon and “sleepover”. This way, I’m nearby should they need anything at all, and I can reach over in the middle of the night and feel for a fever, and provide comfort in the form of TLC or medicine.

I’m beginning to feel like an old pro at this parenting gig. My kids are the oldest among those of my siblings and cousins, and our household has run the gamut of viral infections, so I have lots of experience in identifying and managing ailments. Honestly, nothing fazes me anymore!

Cherry Spray_2016For fevers, I know to give my kids plenty of fluids, and a dose of ibuprofen or acetaminophen to bring the temperature down. For an upset tummy, I keep a bucket nearby, feed them only dry crackers, and and dole out the empathy. For sore throats, I use Chloraseptic spray, and have done so since they were young (it’s safe for kids over the age of 3, under parental supervision).

Having suffered through more sore throats than I can count when I was a kid, I know first-hand why Chloraseptic is the #1 pharmacist-recommended brand for sore throat liquids/sprays: this oral analgesic stops sore throat pain FAST, and right at the source. When I give Chloraseptic to my kids (ages 12 & 20), I know they will experience relief quickly, so they can rest and be comfortable while the virus runs its course.

They love that Chloraseptic sore throat spray comes in Cherry flavor, because it helps mask any medicinal taste. They also enjoy the flavor of MAX Wild Berry lozenges for fast-acting relief. I don’t know where the idea of ice cream or popsicles came from as potential methods to soothe sore throats (because if you’ve ever suffered with one, you know that swallowing anything feels painful!), but trust me: the only thing that makes you feel better is relief from the pain. Chloraseptic sore throat sprays target the pain right when it hurts, right where it hurts, providing my girls relief for up to two hours.

I hope my youngest daughter (who just started grade seven) will be bringing way fewer viruses home from the classroom with her this year, but then again, I also hoped for way fewer school forms to fill out, and that didn’t happen.

So, with another year under my belt, I’ll be packing up my “healthy classroom” gift and crossing my fingers for a good year. If she does get sick, I know I’ve got this – loads of experience, a cozy tradition, and all the right tools.

If you want to stay one step ahead of colds & flu in your area this school year, check out Chloraseptic’s Cold & Flu Tracker.

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