Sutton Foster’s Secret Weapon: Amopé GelActiv Insoles & Inserts

Sutton Foster’s Secret Weapon: Amopé GelActiv Insoles & Inserts

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Disclosure: We were granted a one-on-one interview with Sutton Foster as spokesperson for Amopé to facilitate our post and received samples of the GelActiv insoles and inserts. All opinions are our own.

There are days I look at my wardrobe and wonder how I ever wore some of the sky-high stillettos and trendy pumps that I did! Sure, they looked great, but I felt miserable wearing them.

I still love the look of high-fashion heels, but these days I’m smarter about the shoes I buy, seeking to satisfy both my desire for style and my need for comfort.

Actor and brand spokesperson Sutton Foster introduced me to Amopé GelActiv insoles and inserts, true game changers when it comes to comfort. Since seeing her debut in Thoroughly Modern Millie back in 2002, Foster has proved a Broadway favorite of mine. Her latest role, Liza in TVLand’s hit series, Younger, sees her playing a 40-year-old woman who decides to pretend she’s in her mid-twenties, in an effort to get a coveted job in publishing.

Ms. Foster and I talked about the importance of self-care, especially for active women like us – and with her success both on Broadway and on screen, she’s the embodiment of a woman on-the-go!

AMOPE Invisible Gel Spots Insert“Now that I’ve partnered with Amopé, I can’t wait to start filming Younger this April,” said Foster. “The GelActiv insoles will be a game changer. My character is always wearing crazy shoes, now I can add a little bit of comfort so I won’t have to suffer as much on set!”

Unlike her character Liza, Foster herself never felt the pressure to be younger, instead believing how we look on the outside shouldn’t affect how we feel on the inside. “I feel very youthful at heart.”

Constantly seeking out ways to keep doing what she loves for as long as she can and enjoying her every day, she feels her partnership with Amopé is the perfect fit. Foster shared that at 41 versus 26, she takes more care in protecting her health and wellbeing, with an emphasis on getting more sleep, and stretching more before performances, but refuses to let her age hinder her from doing what she loves. Foster added “One of my favorite phrases is ‘I love a challenge’ and I’ve never stopped learning. Age really is just a number. We can make ourselves older in our minds than we really are. Stories we make in our heads can be very powerful.”

And speaking of perfect fits, while I had never used shoe inserts prior to trying GelActiv insoles, these could not have come at a better time! With have a small bunion on my right foot, a pair of beautiful new flats I just bought caused some discomfort. The extra bit of cushion from the Amopé GelActiv insert was all I needed for these shoes to feel totally comfortable. Similarly, I had recently purchased a pair of low heels for business meetings and travel, but fit slightly too wide at the heel. With Amopé GelActiv heel cushions, I find myself with such a better fit with these shoes!

Powered by soft, elastic GelActiv technology, Amopé Insoles & Inserts relieve pressure on sensitive parts of the foot, with a non-slip adhesive to keep them firmly in place. The ultra-slim and transparent design makes them nearly invisible, so no one will know you’re wearing them. Each pair of Amopé GelActiv Insoles & Inserts can be reused and moved between similar shoe styles.

Designed with different women’s shoe styles in mind, Amopé knows that all shoes are not created equal! With specific products for each type of shoe in your closet – from everyday heels that just need a bit more cushion to extreme heels that are designed to be narrower and give you the comfort you need on the ball of your foot, Amopé has us covered! They even offer an insole for open-toe shoes, and one that is a bit wider designed for flats.

During our conversation, Foster was wearing the GelActiv Insole for Extreme Heels. She loves how discreetly they fit in her shoes, which she thinks will prove her secret weapon when performing on stage for hours on end.

Amopé GelActiv Insoles and Inserts are available at drugstores and retailers nationwide including Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid and Amopé GelActiv Insoles are sold at an average SRP of $9.99, and Inserts at only $6.99.

As for Younger, if like me, you wonder what will happen with the Liza, you will have to wait to see how her riveting story unfolds!

Featured image photo credit: alexalenin/Thinkstock. Photo of Lorianne Lacey and Sutton courtesy of Lorianne Lacey. Other photos courtesy of Amopé.

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