The Fresh 20 Takes the Guess Work Out of Meal Planning

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Mom Central received a complimentary one-month subscription to try out The Fresh 20. All opinions expressed are our own.

We all understand the value of serving our families fresh, natural foods that are low in preservatives and artificial sweeteners that can compromise our health. Sometimes creating fresh recipes from scratch takes a lot of time, money, and results in wasted ingredients. It’s for these reasons that I’ve been trying to be much more diligent about meal planning in advance of heading to the grocery store, so that I’m equipped with a thoughtful grocery list that will tackle the week’s meals.

I was thrilled to be introduced to The Fresh 20, a meal planning service that takes all the guess-work out of meal planning and also promotes a whole-foods lifestyle on a budget. The Fresh 20 takes the stress out of meal planning by simplifying the process. This subscription based online service provides members with a meal plan each week featuring no more than 20 ingredients to buy at the store, that all come out to under $80 per week and are used to prepare five dinners for a family of four.

I love how the program makes sure you don’t waste food by pairing recipes that use similar ingredients. Their meal plan even helps cut down prep time since, for example, a protein from Meal #1 could be used again as an ingredient in Meal #3. The Fresh 20 meal plan also offers options for those with dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian and gluten free diets.

“The Fresh 20 mission is about buying less and making more,” says Founder Melissa Lanz. “It’s about loading your table with delicious, preservative-free food.”

In addition to the website, The Fresh 20 cookbook was launched this year. It features more than 125 budget-friendly recipes along with helpful illustrations that certainly will make you hungry!

Subscriptions to The Fresh 20 are only $5 per month – a huge value considering all the time you will save, and groceries you will not waste! To try it yourself, visit

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  1. I would so give this a whirl. I throw out more than $5 a month in food. Which is just sad…

  2. Caryl Anne says:

    Recipes that are easy and healthy are such a staple, now a days, in a home. Sharing recipes and photos help the cooker/baker save time, especially if they want to try and experiment with something new.

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