BITS Limited Smart Surge Protector

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Mom Central received samples from Bits Limited to facilitate this review. The views expressed here are entirely our own.

As a Mom, my children inheriting a planet that is both sustainable and healthy holds great importance. Furthermore, I welcome simple ways to save on my monthly electric bill, which can skyrocket from family electronics such as phones, tablets, and televisions. Fortunately, the Energy Saving Smart Strip from BITS Limited provides an easy energy saving way to make my electronics greener. Coupled with the same company’s low energy fluorescent bulbs, I’m confident about making my house more energy efficient while saving on my bills.

The SCG3 Energy Saving Smart Strip, priced at $29.95, looks like a regular 7-outlet power strip except for its 3-color pattern blue, red, and green labeled Control, Constant Hot, and Automatically Switched outlets. The red outlets give out electricity like any normal power strip.

However, the innovation comes with the blue and green outlets. The blue Control outlet is for a television or computer and controls the four Automatically Switched outlets. When energy levels drop in the Control outlet by 10%, the Smart Surge cuts power to the other four outlets. The same happens in reverse. When there’s a slight energy increase in the Control outlet, this results in the four Automatically Switched outlets turning on.

So what’s the benefit? Imagine using BITS Limited Energy Saving Smart Strip with your television. The TV plugs into the control outlet, the DVR into the red Constant Hot outlet, and the DVD player, speakers, and surround sound plug into the Automatically Switched outlets. So when the TV is off, anything plugged into the Automatically Switched outlets don’t have power. There’s no need to have your DVD player, speakers, and surround sound eating up electricity just sitting in standby. At the same time, the Constant Hot outlet allows the DVR to remain powered so that the scheduled recordings continue as planned.

The Smart Strip addresses the issue that “vampire energy” from electronics on standby adds 5-10% to home energy consumption and accounts for 1% of worldwide carbon dioxide pollution. Thankfully, BITS Limited helps tackle this high-energy consumption by lowering wasted vampire energy and improving the overall greenness of my home.

BITS Limited colored bulbs
BITS Limited also offers low energy fluorescent bulbs in a multitude of colors that can plug directly into any outlet or lamp. The 13-watt bulbs give off the same amount of light as a normal 60-watt bulb, but uses way less energy. These would be fun to use during parties, Halloween or during the holidays. By coupling the smart strip and bulbs, my house is now smarter, greener, and more cost efficient!

To learn more about the Energy Saving Smart Strip and BITS Limited fluorescent bulbs, visit

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