‘Tis the Season to Try and Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

‘Tis the Season to Try and Stay Healthy Over the Holidays

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by our friends at Chloraseptic®. All opinions expressed by me about the brand are true, and my own.

‘Tis the season! A time of year to celebrate what matters to us, to give and receive goodwill, and to spend time with friends and family. An action-packed few weeks I look forward to all year-round, and one during which I almost always get sick.

The weeks leading up to the holiday season have traditionally been super-busy for me. Aside from the usual shopping, scheduling, school concerts, and holiday prep, the activity at work also surges – office potlucks, client events, and year-end wrap-up.

I try to do it all, so that I can attend the kids’ holiday concerts (which, no matter how many times I’ve heard in practice, always bring a tear to my eye), take in a live show (a tradition for our family, this year it’s The Wizard of Oz), and decorate the house in anticipation of the magical season to come.

I know how much my kids look forward to the holidays. They work hard at school and sports for months, eagerly anticipating their time off playing board games, visiting friends and family, baking treats, and watching movies in their PJs!

Once I reach my coveted vacation days, I quickly realize my “get up and go” got up and wentI’ve run myself ragged – skimping on sleep, skipping meals, and stressing, not to mention increasing the high-touch surfaces I’ve come in contact with during travel and shopping.

Sniffles, coughs, and a sore throat descend upon me almost immediately. It’s as if my body holds off on getting sick while my days are all go! go! go! just in time for ho! ho! ho!

One year, I was so unwell, I had to forego our annual Christmas Eve visits, occupying the couch at home instead. The festive, twinkling Christmas tree provided little consolation, knowing my family was dressed in their holiday best, dancing and singing to Nat King Cole classics, elsewhere.

In the pursuit of wellness throughout December, I’ve got a plan: I’m going to forego communal office treats which are probably huge cold and flu traps. I’ll stay mindful of not burning the candle at both ends, instead sharing the load, accepting help where offered, and asking for help. I’ll exercise, eat nutritiously, and get my full eight hours of sleep. And I’m going to wash my hands like a fiend!

Cherry Spray_2016Should still get sick after all this, I’m throwing up my hands and forever giving into Murphy’s Law!

… right after I head out to pick up my favorite brand of tissues, and other products that provide me relief, like Cherry-flavored Chloraseptic fast-acting sore throat spray. Although I favor the classic Cherry flavor, the spray also comes in Menthol, or one could opt for the Max Wild Berry Lozenge for max-strength pain relief.

Chloraseptic sore throat sprays target the pain right when it hurts, right where it hurts. A few squirts, and the pain is gone, so I can find the rest I need to get well soon. No wonder Chloraseptic is the #1 pharmacist-recommended brand for sore throat liquids/sprays.

Photo credits: Featured image, monkeybusinessimages/Thinkstock. Choir, Highwaystarz-Photography/Thinkstock. Cookies: Mr_Twister/Thinkstock. Sneeze: gpointstudio/Thinkstock. 

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Natalie Rea
Natalie Rea
Mom to two amazing daughters - a feisty teen in middle school, and an ambitious young adult in university. Originally from Montréal's West Island, I now explore the beautiful trails of Hamilton, Ontario. Proud Canadian, vegetarian, dog-adopter, & bleeding-heart liberal. I smile a lot because I have Resting Bitch Face.
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