Road Testing the Mazda6

Road Testing the Mazda6

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Mom Central received a Mazda Mazda6 for a week-long test drive in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed here are our own.

When I moved to Chicago two and half years ago, I made the scary decision to give up my car. Not since I was 17 years old, had I lived without a mode of transportation at my fingertips. But, knowing I would rarely be within a few minutes walk to a train station or bus line made the decision relatively easy.

And I haven’t looked back since! That is until this past November when I had the chance to test-drive a Mazda Mazda6 for a week. The team at STI warned me that I’d fall in love with the car, which was short listed for 2013 Motor Trend car of the year, but I had no idea how right they would be.

When the Mazda6 arrived outside my apartment, I instantly fell in love with the sleek and sporty design. Even on that dreary November day, the Blue Reflex paint made the car pop compared to all the other ones on my street. Perfectly complimenting the exterior were black leather seats and small pops of sliver accenting the console and doors.

Surprisingly, the second thing I noticed, unglamorous as it may be, was the spaciousness of the car. Without feeling huge (an important factor for city dwellers!), the Mazda6 provided more than enough in both cabin and trunk space to make it an ideal car for a family that needs enough for both quick trips to the grocery store or longer trip to visits grandparents.

Bags packed, I left the next morning on a long weekend road trip to Wisconsin, which gave me the chance to understand how the Mazda performs in every situation – from rainy highway travel to city traffic.

From the moment the keyless entry unlocked my door (the most amazing feature for Moms who never have a free hand or any woman with a huge bag) you understand that technology truly drives this vehicle. Every element – from the built-in navigation system and seamless Bluetooth integration to the steering-wheel-mounted controls and memory settings on the seats – is there to make your driving experience better, easier, smoother, and more comfortable. After four days of exploring “the Badger State,” stopping everywhere from the Cheese Castle to the Jelly Belly jelly bean factory, I honestly don’t know how I’d go back to a car without all of these amazing features.

Mazda6 interior
And, while I generally don’t describe myself as a driving enthusiast, you can see that this car had my attention from the start. The responsive steering and breaks gave it the sporty feel I love, without sacrificing the smoother ride of a luxury car. Regardless of the terrain (and I tested the limits on some bumpy farm roads!) the Mazda6 felt solid and totally in control. I have, and will continue to recommend it as a option for anyone considering their next family car purchase.

Featured Image Photo Credit: Shutterstock
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Comments (5)

  1. Scarlet says:

    Looks like a beautiful car. I’ve never driven a Mazda but I’d love to. I hear they have zip!

  2. This car sounds and looks amazing. If I didn’t have three kids I would be checking it out for myself.

  3. That looks like an amazing car – stylish and sporty with lots of amazing features. When my mom-van does soon (hopefully), I’m going to be looking for something stylish and sporty! I won’t be able to get a small car, but definitely want something more fun and with much better features.

  4. Janice Trinh says:

    That looks like such a sweet car to drive! A couple of years ago, I had a Mazda CX9 and it was my baby – and still is probably the best car I’ve had. But then our family grew and I had 3 kids kids. Needed more space, so we sold it (after doing so much upgrades to it) and got a Sienna. sigh. I miss my Mazda. And every time I see one on the road, especially a red one, I always reach out my hand and say, “waaaaaahhhh!!!!”

    If I could drive another one – with room for 3 kids – I’d do it faster than a heartbeat!!!

  5. Paola says:

    Sporty but elegant at the same time. Perfect size for small family, the inside looks so nice.

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