Pursuing La Vita Freelance with WOW! Women on Writing

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WOW! Women on Writing is an online magazine devoted to supporting women’s creativity, energy, blood, sweat and tears, throughout all stages of the writing process. They promote communication between women writers, authors, editors, agents, publishers and readers and hope to fill the missing gap between writing websites and women’s magazines.

WOW! Women on Writing is a great resource for any woman wanting to pursue a freelance writing career, whether that’s online through blogging or in more traditional media like print and radio. They offer online classes, flash fiction contests, freelance job leads, and a job board. Plus lots of great advice for writers on both their main site and their blog, The Muffin.

I’ve been subscribing to their enewsletter for a few years now and have participated in some of their book author tours, too. And now I’ve had the opportunity to submit a few articles for their Writing the Web issue:

I’m bringing this up not only to share some information that will make you a better blogger – you should also check out Blogger for Hire: Get Paid To Blog by Thursday Bram and How To Monetize Your Website by Marcia Peterson – but to show you that there are ways to make money outside of your blog through freelancing on the Internet as well as traditional media. (And yes, I got paid by WOW! to write those articles.)

Diversify your writing
Find a copy of the Writer’s Digest November/December 2009 issue and read the article Diversify Your Writing Portfolio by Matt Villano. (You can download a PDF of the article on Matt’s website.) He writes that in bad economic times (and in good), your best shot at a fulfilling writing career is to branch out. It’s the same with blogging. If you feel Mom Bloggers Deserve to Get Paid like Kelby Carr of Type-A Parent does (hear, hear!) you shouldn’t be limited by your blog.

It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and pursue other avenues where you will get paid to write and share your knowledge. I hope WOW! Women on Writing is one of the many websites that inspires and gives you the tools you need to pursue la vita freelance.

(For more inspiration on branching out, check out Jennifer James’s latest post at Mom Bloggers Club, Eight Proven Ways to Monetize Your Mom Blog.)

Anne-Marie Nichols is the Social Media Manager at Mom Central Consulting. You can also find her blogging up some healthy recipes at This Mama Cooks!

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Anne-Marie Nichols
Anne-Marie Nichols
Anne-Marie Nichols

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