Seamlessly Monitoring Sleep with EarlySense LIVE

Seamlessly Monitoring Sleep with EarlySense LIVE

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Disclosure: We received this product to facilitate our post. All opinions are our own.

Ever wonder if you are getting enough sleep? Some mornings I wake up and wonder how I slept, knowing there was some tossing and turning before finally dozing off into a deep slumber.

I have tried to wear fitness trackers with built in heart monitors to bed to monitor my sleep, but cannot get used to wearing something on my wrist while I sleep.

I was thrilled to discover EarlySense LIVE, a product that can seamlessly monitor my sleep from under my mattress.


Under the Mattress

EarlySense LIVE provides an innovative solution for Americans interested in real-time access to their health data through an easy-to-use, Bluetooth-enabled device. The system utilizes clinically-proven sleep sensing technology to share in-the-moment health alerts, such as vital signs, sleep patterns, stress levels, and more, with a mobile device via the EarlySense LIVE mobile app.
This is no Princess and the Pea situation – I was delighted to discover that I could not detect the device under the mattress, not creating a negative impact on comfort while asleep.

Each morning, you can log in to your LIVE mobile app and share how you are feeling after the previous night’s sleep. You can monitor your stress level, heart rate, breathing and more. I love seeing the breakdown of REM, light sleep, deep sleep, out of bed activity and more. The app also provides great tips that can help set you up for a better night’s rest, such as reasons why not to allow animals to sleep on the bed (which unfortunately will be a losing battle for me!) and ways to unwind before going to bed each night.


Sleep Statistics

The device can be configured to provide others, including family members, with access to the reports. This benefit is especially useful for those of us who have aging parents. I live several hours away from my parents, and check in on them nightly. While they are in great health, as they age, I know that I will be more and more concerned about monitoring their wellbeing, especially considering that I am an only child. Having access to EarlySense LIVE will help me monitor their heart rates and ensure they are getting a healthy restful night’s sleep.

For more information or to purchase an EarlySense LIVE product for you or for a loved one, visit

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Lorianne Lacey
Lorianne Lacey
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