Cooking with Pauli Pot: Perfect Sauce Made Easy »

When I need to make a lot of dinner and quickly, tomato sauce never lets me down. Throwing all the ingredients together, setting the stove at one temperature, and carrying on with my day would make tomato sauce the perfect meal. Thankfully, the Pauli Pot from Pauli Cookware promised me exactly this with its special patent pending bottom.


OontZ Lightweight Portable Speakers »

A cool new development in Cambridge SoundWorks technology—whose products one would typically view as major investments, priced at least at $1000 minimum—the OontZ and OontZ Angle lightweight and portable speakers deliver the company’s high-end acoustics in a convenient size and at an affordable price.


iFi Smart Tag – Helping You Find and Keep Track of Your Valuables »

Misplaced, lost, or stolen, the iFi Smart Tag helps you to find and keep track of your valuables. Using a free, easy-to-use smart phone app, you can pair your iPhone (4S and 5 only) with one or more valuables of your choosing—such as your keys, purse, or backpack.


Bodum Bistro Stand Mixer Giveaway! »

A fashionable addition to any kitchen countertop, the hands-free Bodum Bistro Stand Mixer proves great for the novice and experienced bakers alike wishing to swiftly whip up chocolate chunk cookies or banana bread batter in style.

Michael Symon and Calphalon Cooking Up a Retro Feast
4 Apr
By Stacy DeBroff

Michael Symon and Calphalon Cooking Up a Retro Feast »

One of the highlights for me at this year’s International Housewares Show in Chicago took place when I sat down with several other Mom bloggers for an intimate dinner – prepared by Iron Chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author Michael Symon.


Instantly Slimming: Win a Pair of Colorful Jeans from SkinnyJeans »

I’m ready for spring, and what a better way to feel the spring fever than wear bright colors that contrast this dismal, gray weather so perfectly. With SkinnyJeans new line of Team Colors, you can anticipate spring in style.

With 20 colors to choose from, I love the option of a bright pop of color that can add flair to your wardrobe in anticipation of warmer weather.  SkinnyJeans not only holds their shape but also yours. The slimming shape and design noticeably changes your appearance and provides the confidence that a great pair of jeans should.

I wore the super-soft turquoise SkinnyJeans while running errands this past weekend and received numerous compliments regarding their fun color and style. It was exciting to wear a great fitting pair of denim without reaching the end of the day with major sag. These jeans continuously keep their shape and remain tight fitted even when worn multiple times.

Win a Set of U.S. Kids Magazines for Your Curious Young Reader! »

Much more than a monthly reader, U.S. Kids Magazines provide puzzles, recipes, and DIY craft tutorials to entertain kids of all ages. Classic magazines like Jack and Jill, Humpty Dumpty, and Turtle offer age appropriate non-fiction and current event stories that let kids enjoy their very own magazines.

Turtle Magazine, which delivers age appropriate content for young readers ages 3 to 5, incorporates cartoon-like stories and fun rhyming games that prove both educational and fun.

Build a book, learn how to bake strawberry muffins, or take a peak into the lives of amazing wild life in Humpty Dumpty magazine, appropriate for ages 5 to 7. And, for more mature readers, Jack and Jill includes interesting stories, a funny jokes page with “funnies” sent in by other young readers, and a healthy living section jam-packed with need-to-know info.

Chobani Champions: Kid-Friendly Greek Yogurt »

As parents, we face the challenge of providing our children with healthy, balanced diets, while fighting their sweet craving as much as we fight our own. Well Chobani has solved that problem with their new line of Chobani Champions.


CalNaturale Wines: Enjoying the Taste and Convenience of Cabernet and Chardonnay »

I love food and I love wine – eating, drinking and cooking. But wine brings on some inherent challenges to both cook and diner, including difficulties opening and half-empty bottles. Fortunately, CalNaturale now offers a much-needed solution – Mendocino Chardonnay and Pasa Robles Cabernet Sauvignon wines packaged for convenience.


Indulgent Treats from Peeled Snacks »

This Mother’s Day, give Mom a break and let her indulge in a delicious yet healthy treat from Peeled Snacks. These organic, gluten-free dried fruit snacks allow Mom to enjoy exotic fruits without leaving home.


Healthy Meat Eating with Suzy Sirloin »

Some of my favorite restaurant meals include steak. It’s one of those meals I usually reserve for the times I go out to dinner, but with two little ones going out to dinner just isn’t as fun as it used to be. We do try and teach them restaurant-style manners, but it’s just more enjoyable to cook at home or have friends with kids over where toys and spontaneous games of chase can happen between bites of food and sips of wine.  

Suzy Sirloin’s line of lean gourmet beef, lamb and veal has ‘restaurant quality’ selections plus a ‘healthy’ profile that makes me comfortable eating and serving it to my family. Suzy Sirloin is also an all American brand with local New York distributers, so it felt good to be able to support American farmers and ranchers who work hard to nurture and raise quality meat. I loved the idea that the meat is 90% lean and 100% hormone-free and they don’t use pink slime (I had to ask!).